Sunday, 31 July 2011

Unknown at this point

very tall helianthus annuus sunflowers in flowerbedSo. Here's the question. If going down the pub with your friends makes you happy, how come Bud is all quiet and pensive this morning? The PuddleDaddies went to EIGHT pubs last night, you'd think they'd all be ├╝ber-happy.
Here's me with my sunflowers. The tallest one is approximately 10 foot 5 inches, it's a bit difficult measuring them.
Yes. That strange item in the flowerbed with me is a small wooden cable drum. He brought it home for the bonfire (you must always burn at least 1 strange thing) that Follower Martin will be attending soon. I enjoy rolling it up and down the garden.
Then, just as we were tooling up to go shopping, Erin rang to invite me out for lunch. This was a far better offer than shopping, hoovering and watching the test match so I leapt at the chance. ErinsMum was driving because ErinsDad was still a bit blank and green after last night's beery goings-on and I got in the back seat with my girl, who was a bit bossy today (I, of course, am never bossy at all.....). Then we travelled up past Boarhunt to the Forest of Bere (wrong kind of Bere) to the adventure playground and 100 acre wood. We climbed and played and had a picnic, I had an ice cream shaped like a man called, er, 'Daddycream', or was that just my imagination. I had an excellent time, thanks to Erin for a great day. I'm already planning a return trip.
balancing beam - log obstacle in hundred acre woodtreehouse in forest of bere adventure playgroundwest walk adventure playground rope bridge style chainrope climbing frame in forest of bere adventure playground


  1. Good sunflowers. We have again killed ours. Nothing to write in the seed diary then.

  2. Our bossy girl eh??!! Your son doesnt do too bad in the bossy boots stakes......ordering us around the playground and through the woods! :-)


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