Sunday, 31 October 2010


I do like a good pagan ritual. The gang met up at Ben's house for dressing up, games, food and for the parents to drink. Bud Bah-Humbugs Halloween* due to some childhood trauma so stayed at home to hoover. At least he provided the bobbing apples (from our garden and Hobbitland).
chocolate dispenser. Mum gives out sweets
All hail the dispenser of chocolate
Bensmum had pulled out all the stops when it came to skulls, cats, pumpkins, stage blood and so forth. There were many games: I (the wizard) won a bag of sweeties for being the best musical statue. 
Elizabeth the fairy was best at Halloween bingo:
Erin (in her ideal role as Satan) was best at bobbing apples - Ben the blood monster cheated by eating half the apple in situ and leaving the mangled remains in the bucket.
toilet roll mummy. paper bandagesBobs was a top-quality Draclia, Johnny was a spooky zombie and Pops came as a trampoline contestant complete with medal.
There were also going-up-and-down-the-stairs races.
Three of the Puddler adults got mummified (draped in ever-disintegrating toilet roll). However hard we tried, nobody got turned into a frog.

We finally left well after 7pm leaving poor old Bensmum to clear up. At least she's got a lot of destroyed bogroll to wipe up with.

* Other irrational hatreds in our family
  1. Halloween, trickle treating and all associated activities                BUD
  2. Buttons                                                                                      JOF
  3. Imagination Movers                                                                    ME
  4. Toilet roll holders                                                                        BUD
  5. Toenails                                                                                      JOF
  6. Pink frilly glittery MyPonies                                                          ME

group of children at halloweendressed as a magician

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ticket to Ryde - Escape to Vectis

Today I invaded my first foreign country, in preparation for world domination later. Honestly, they had it coming to them, sitting there on the horizon like that.
After possibly too many bus changes (and a second unscheduled visit to Commercial Road) we arrived at the Hoverport. Bud had kindly not told me where we were going so by the time the hovergates were open, I was back on the hoverpavement heading towards Pirate Pete's.
hovercraft arriving at Ryde hoverport
Welcome to the hoverdrome
The hovercrossing itself was noisy, fast and very groovy. When I grow up I want to be a hoverpilot, as long as Johnny is Chief Hoverengineer. Pops can sell hovertickets while Erin is hovermanager and yes well anyway.
Over in the vast conurbation of Ryde we quickly found the public toilets and then headed off up the main drag where we bought some funny foreign coins (Bud found twelve I hadn't got in my collection but when they turned out to be 75p each, amazingly it was only 4) and I hid behind a large menu upstairs at Wetherspoons eating my packed lunch while Bud bought a cup of coffee.
We found little else of interest apart from the usual tourist tat shops so bought fudge for Jof, chocs and a hoverfridgemagnet for me and a hoverkeyring for Johnny.
articulated sit-on sand excavatorWe wandered east. This led us to a distressingly aromatic sandy beach where we collected shells until we discovered the proximity of the sewage outflow and headed onto dry land (it would have been dry if it wasn't raining - I believe Mr Hitler had the same trouble in Russia) to play some very end-of-season Pirate minigolf, visit the public conveniences again and play on the articulating rotating excavating device in the sandpark while Bud watched a lone metal detectorist dig up bottletops. Wandering back to the Hoverport in a relaxed fashion we discovered a teenager digging for victory, buried treasure or a green card to Australia, we never found out which. He had made the fatal error of leaving a second plastic beach spade unattended nearby so I hopped down and "helped" him for 10 minutes.  
excavating sand. digging a hole in the beach
Eventually we made it back to the Hoverdrome and made a tactical withdrawal on a second, slightly smaller hovercraft.
We made it back onto home soil for 4pm, safe in the knowledge that we had made the world a safer place by invading before they did.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Ubermensch und das Pyramid

Waking up again in little-known coastal settlement PORTSMOUTH, I decided to go swimming in the partly refurbished Pyramid centre. As if by magic Ben picked us up and the JoniBobs materialized next to us in the changing rooms. Pops appeared from nowhere and we were a team again.
The building has changed a little ere I saw it last, the showers work, the entrance is downstairs and the food has moved. There's also quite a lot of exposed wiring, roped-off areas where the floor is yet to be installed and unreasonably fat people. We swam, we slid down the pink elephant, we climbed on Bud and we jumped up and down when the Wave Alert klaxon sounded. Several of us did the blue waterslide but eventually there were just too many blue lips so we got changed and ordered some food.
fast food and waterslides, Pyramids centre, SouthseaAs happened to us in the 10th Hole, we were forgotten by the kitchen: but not just us this time, the curse had spread and all 3 families had to go up and remind the chef what we had ordered. ("Well, we had the tickets....but then we didn't")
Bud took advantage of this by re-ordering a more expensive meal.
Everyone had empty plates at the end and not just because Ben went round emptying them after we'd finished.
In the afternoon Bud procured me Class A iCandy 'Pops' for some brick'n'track action - something to do with watching TV for more than an hour without moving. Declared I'd seen enough of her for one day and faced the sofa. Pops went outside with Bud to plan the bonfire festivities (Beer'n'Bombs) and one microsecond later I was out there with them. We cut out spiders and pumpkins to take to Ben's halloween party. I like Pops because she's easier to boss around.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday rampage

An all-day bus ticket gave us access to the seafront (18 and 1C), then into town (40) and back again (17).
playing crazy golf out of season, using your feet
Zwolf. Got its name when we did the scoring in German
Bud had remembered the golf balls so we had a complete if rather swift game of Zwolf on the pier (silly golf, but with a real golf ball and using your foot, not a club). This was free of charge as the minigolf had shut for the winter but swift due to the keen winds which had chased away all but the most obsessed fishermen. 
 We then threw some rocks into the sea (how could you not) and went into town so Bud could go into the bank. It wasn't all bad as we had time to climb and act the giddy goat in Victoria park.
throwing stones off Southsea pier
UFO files 2010: it's a stone (again)
Home the long way round (17 not 18) and a lunch of pasta/sausages/naan bread with the rest of Bug's Life.
After some more time redesigning the train track, we visited a rather busy Krazy Kaves (or is it The Kaverns of Insanity) for some Pothole Madness.
refuelling stop during soft play sessionWe met Jack (Rabbit class like Erin) and ran about manically, stopping only to eat, drink and strip by degrees. We were late back so dropped in on Pops, whose mother had just seen Bensmum, then went to Erins', where we found Bensmum. This is why I firmly believe that Pompey is just some vast commune of my friends and their parents, all of whom swap houses and sofas regularly so you never know who you'll meet where: all this is for my personal benefit.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Doktor Mungele

2 men, 1 chair. watching TV in parallel
The advantage of having small bottoms
Ben arrived a little after 0800 for half-term cover. We had breakfast (I had sausages and banana, Ben had chinese pears from our garden). This date coincided with my hospital appointment so we got a bus up to QA where we were privileged to wait an hour and 20 minutes in the reception area for my name to be called. I am now 106 cm tall: Ben is 112.
Ben and I played with plastic food, bricks, a hoover, a complete kitchen range and some startlingly ugly babies while Bud tried to come to terms with his hangover.
sitting in the luggage compartment of the bus
Just a couple of old bags

Had a massive sense of humour failure when Ben didn't immediately follow my frequent and unreasonable orders. I buried my head in the corner of the bus stop and refused to come out. The bus stop was made of glass so Ben simply walked around the other side and pulled faces at me. This made me incandescent with rage and I went quite pink and lashed out at the two of them for as much as 20 minutes until distracted by the luggage rack in the bus and went back to my usual self.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


bonfire viewer. Monitoring progress of fire
With Great-Grandad's chimney brush I shoot the fire
Every day I got up at exactly 0800, for breakfast, even though I didn't eat any. And every day Bud found a different woodlouse in the sink.
There was only time for 1 tip trip on the Tuesday so I joined Bud. There was a big queue because they were changing over the metals skip so we looked at the giant red hot air balloon that happened to float by while we were waiting. Then the woman in front of us decided to give up and do a 9-point turn to turn around and escape the queue. She failed, coming to a rest at a rakish angle in the middle of the road. Once 2 male drivers on the way out had stopped to jeer at her she tried again and stylishly completed a 13-point turn and left. As she passed, Bud wound down the window and we both cheered.

clear patio. space for the washing line
Grandad Hobbit didn't know that wall was there
This final tip load was of mouldy wood and bits of carpet of all nations. I bet you didn't know you could grow mushrooms on old carpet...... you learn something new every day. A quick look through outhouse # 5 led to a final bonfire.
That left time to cut back the honeysuckle revealing an unknown wall and associated patio. Then we collected apples for donation to friends.
Upon my return I spent a few hours with old mate Ben, who got the first 4 apples. While I was out, Elizabeth came round, she got 3 apples.


next van load for the tip
Pile number 1 of 4
 0900 start. Got to the tip for opening time but the yellow-jacketed meanies wouldn't let me out of the van so I had to wait while Bud did the 352 jamjars and the metalwork.
As I couldn't help at the tip I spent half the day inside with the Grandparents doing reading, helping apparently, and running up and down hootling. I frequently joined Bud outside to see how he was getting on and every time, I left at least 1 door open.
Because Sunday had been spent preparing, it was a day of 4 tip trips, each of a different flavour. #2 was special. In outhouse #3 were 3 trunks. They allegedly held cardboard boxes for christmas present wrapping: what was found was subtly different. The wooden trunk contained boxes alright, but they were all so mouldy they went on the bonfire. Then we found that the bottom 3 inches of said trunk had turned to compost so that went on as well.

rotten cabin trunk, base rotted away
A very useful trunk
The middle trunk was blue. It was locked, so the contents remained a mystery until we saw that the bottom had rotted off that one as well. The third trunk (metal cabin trunk (c) 1963) also contained mouldy boxes and [bags of bags] that had been untouched since 1986 - it was the original packaging from when they moved there. Perhaps they were hoping that time would run backwards and they could claim on the warranty for still having the original packaging. In picture; gas-powered device for scorching weeds. Makes a jolly good firestarter.

"[Bags of bags]" made up tip trip #3.
That night I watched Finding Nemo which made me so sad (he didn't have a Mummy) that I hyperventilated for half an hour.
bonfire, country style. Firestarter, I'm a firestarter
@daftoldbugger81: "I had a bonfire last week, so you won't find anything to burn"


white van man and underage assistant
1 cork + 1 clingfilm inner = 1 projectile weapon
Picked up the van. Bud had a practice kangaroo in the deserted industrial estate before going out on the adult roads. Took the old mattress and assorted rubbish to Paulsgrove tip - I threw my old plastic lawnmower, some Hi-Fi and so forth into the skips unmolested by the Health and Safety police.
Made it to Dorset at the first attempt and toured the estate assessing the work to be done.
There is a wooden trolley full of letter bricks promised to Baby Edward of Poppy that was left over from when I was a toddler. I spent hours running to and fro with it going neenaw neenaw: there's approx 30 yards between the lounge fireplace and the kitchen door so plenty of space for demonstrating my own Doppler effect.
grandma's secret jamjar collection
Grandma's secret jamjar collection
On the triage tour of the garden and outhouses it was not long before we had identified some areas of concern.
Behind the jamjar collection (several boxes, several bags and a big pile of those wire basket things from at least 4 different fridges, all full of assorted jamjars, all washed, with original lids, then left in the 2nd outhouse for 20 years so the lids had rusted solid) we discovered the secret jamjar collection which was housed in a cupboard the Hobbits had bought for Bud in 1980. Total number of jamjars: 352.
dead fridge full of used plant pots
What do you keep in YOUR fridge?
Following on from that we went outside. In outhouse #3 was a stack of panes of glass (narrowly avoid causing avalanche here) which turned out to be from the old greenhouse (replaced 10 years ago, but nothing wrong with holding spares), the greenhouse before it (pre-1986) and the legendary unknown building of Avalon (no further details, but it had 3 doors, all glass). This pile made for an entire tip trip. Outside we found one of the dead fridges about which we have heard so much. Within was the secondary plant pot collection (as opposed to the drifts of pots behind it and in the wheelbarrow shed).

Friday, 22 October 2010

Enter the Siltman (while the Sandman is on holiday)

On Saturday afternoon I shall be travelling to Dorset in a van that Bud has hired, to see the Hobbits (a race of 5-foot high people with hairy toes who live under a hill in the Shire, AKA my paternal grandparents) so there will be disruptions to my normal blogging service. I shall return to you, the faithful, in a beam of yellow light on Tuesday.
As a measure of my goodwill I leave you with, as your daily fix, a short video of me enjoying a sand mountain that Bud built for me in the sandpit at canoe lake park. I was only 2 and a bit, so forgive me if I do not remember.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thor's day

While I was at school today, a man came round and replaced the big double glazed window at the front: because they put the opening bit in the wrong place, they knocked £107 off!
I had barely enough time to notice before going straight out again to Erin's house for tea. When I arrived, 2 members of my harem (Erin and Pops) were sitting in a large cardboard box. They invited me in. I seem to have got away with that one, then.
Later I explored the loft for the 50th time as Bud stashed something called Hi-Fi separates.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Horseplay at the park

metal frame climbing recreation play areaA sunny but cold day, hats useful for those with limited hair. Met Erin, Lewis, Zak and his sister Zena (and their mother from Bud's distant past) and numerous others in the green livery of my school. Distributed largesse in the form of cake bars to all. I have decided that Zena (or is it Xena?) is gorgeous, she feels the same way about me because of my smart hair.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

La vie en print

Tuesdays are not normally known for excitement and today was no different. It rained at pickup time but was fine either side: I built a railway track and watched some telly.
However I also appeared in the local paper - along with every other reception pupil in the Greater Pompo-Metropolitan area. I was supposed to tell Bud but forgot instantly, having inherited his grasp on reality. It's only because he overheard some yummy mummies talking in the playground that he knew to buy one. The third shop we visited had some left. If any of my friends missed out, they can have the relevant cutout picture from my paper.
Prints can be purchased direct from the publishers but as my parents were rolling around on the floor laughing, they forgot to pay the OIRO £60 per picture so I missed out.
School trip to the sealife centre tomorrow: also I invited Pops to the Cosham Firework display on Nov 3rd (trains are available)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Incendiary comments

fireworks magazine. Large collection of fireworks
First catch a cat. Then connect clasp A to collar B....
Today Bud bought in a family variety funpack of fireworks from Giant Tesco in Northarbour.
 If you buy 5 items of your choice for £25 you get a free Barrel'O'Laffs or was it the Bucket'O'Bombs (partially obscuring the human in this image) which I suspect we'll have to keep for the New Years' Bomb Banging Bonanza.

little red riding hood, boy in a giant wicker basket
There's something wrong with this Little Red Riding Hood

As promised the comedy stage-prop basket made its way down from the loft ready to take to school for purposes unknown. In the end it was used as the centrepiece for the hamper in the raffle, and attracted more attention than the contents.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

A survey of ordnance

Today we went to see the cannons. We left at high noon, picked up the JoniBobs and had lunch at a rather groovy country pub called the Horse and Jockey, the other side of Southwick.
playing pooh sticks in the stream
This Pooh stick is a lot bigger than the stream
It had an excellent garden for people of my height so we played poohsticks in the stream, climbed the bridges and generally messed about while we waited for our food. Afterwards we drove back up the hill and visited Fort Nelson.
sitting on an antique oriental cannonplease do not sit on the exhibits, bofors howitzer captured by royal artilleryWe were in time for the 3pm cannon firing, investigated all the tunnels and ramparts and sat on loads of cannons.
There are cannons inside, outside, guns to the left of them etc etc. After a while some visitors may feel they've had enough firearms to last a lifetime but not us, we made it our mission to climb as many as possible.
Then one quick trip to the gift shop later, we went home and had a loft clearout, deciding to burn a table as part of our upcoming bonfire night Puddleparty. Some of the gunpowder I liberated from the fort will come in handy.
Additional loft inventory: 1 Mask/snorkel set (unused), 2 broken telephones, 2 hairdryers, 37 rolls of wallpaper and a basket big enough for me to sit in (picture to follow).

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Saturday Daytime business of the Puddle Daddies fell asleep on the landing last night, and the corresponding Puddle Mummy couldn't help but notice. Worry not, as Bud said when he woke up at the bottom of the stairs having fallen down at 1am.......
It's never dull here.
First up, we all went into town to do some shopping: this included getting a Jigsaw done of Nanna's favourite photo, buying a bath fizzer (for Saturday night is Bath Fizzer/Lager night), 2 Mr Benn books out of the charity shop, lunch at M+S, and much much more.
When we got home I went out to see if Pops wanted to play and met her on the pavement coming to see if I wanted to play!! We'll be finishing each other's sentences next......
repotting 3 year-old peyotes, lopophora williamsiiSo John of Pops took us (it was his turn) on the train to Victoria Park for some climbing when it wasn't raining. When we got back I discovered Jof and Bud doing gardening so joined in. I'm a class 7 sweeper, I can gather plant material from the front garden, sweep it down the passageway and scoop it up into the compost heap and then clean up afterwards so I'm pretty well self-sufficient.
Then Bud was repotting the 109 Peyote cacti (full of vitamin Mescaline, although I don't know what that is yet) I planted for him last year so I reprised my role and did it all again.
Don't think a 3-year-old can plant cacti? Here I am doing the same job last year.
repotting 2 year-old peyotes, lopophora williamsiiSee how they've grown. After a top-end supper of macaroni cheese it was off to the bath for Fizzer Night to the strains of ELO, as this epistle is written I am being read the adventures of Mr Benn (not exactly Gilgamesh, but who's counting) at 8 minutes to 10, expect at least 20 mins more bouncing before lights out - nothing to do with the 109 peyotes I planted earlier, honest. Tomorrow I'm off to Fort Nelson to revisit the cannons (see my Google earth pics) with the JoniBobs (none of them have been there yet, including the equally firearms-mad Mr JoniBob)so watch this space for artillery madness!

That's time at the bath, thank you, Gents

Friday. Pretty dull but for my first "Well done" sticker from school and the beginning of the weekend.
I celebrated by getting all the various shampoos, shower gels and mouthwashes I could find in the bathroom and mixing them all together, which is something Bud used to do to pass the time on long flights to Johannesburg. There is a picture from this event but as it clearly shows my willy I have elected not to publish it to the web.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Walked home with Erin but turned down her offer of playing in the park after school - she felt guilty about yesterday and offered a replacement day, but I elected to go for a bike ride instead.
The first place I rode to was swingpark where I played with Erin until Bud pushed the swing the wrong way and I crashed to the ground howling. After that I rode to tunnel park where I played on the train and other climbing frames.
We have a positive response from Erin and the JoniBobs for the firework party on Nov 6th - Bud has created a new box that's even bigger than the last one and it has certain upgrades that'll make it go down in history. But he hasn't told me yet.
We need at least 5 people of my height for this party, it's very important.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Eleanor Rigby

Nobody came to her funeral.
Nobody came to Wednesday park either. So I stuck a bottle on the end of a stick and threw it around the park for a while, as is the fashion.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday Madness

serving out a cauldron of tomato soup
A stranger called Pops came round while I was at after-school club so she came to collect me. Bud kindly allowed us to decant the cooked-up tomatoes into 12 or 14 plastic containers of various sizes: job #1 was ladling and job #2 was flattening and wiping spills. We swapped tasks after the first 6 containers. At 6pm Pops' Dad turned up to remind her where she lives and he took 2 pots of the tomato sauce to use as a curry base. As we haven't tried it yet that makes them guinea pigs.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday is adventure day

cauldron of frozen tomatoes, making tomato sauce Saturday night: bed 1030.
Sunday morning: up at 10.
Every time I harvested tomatoes, Bud
took some to eat, Jof cooked some
up and the rest went in the freezer for
Bud's big cooking session in the
cauldron. This is how much was in
the freezer. You can see seams of
basil, veins of parsley and a
motherlode of beans, all grown by
us this year.
In the afternoon we went up to the old Greyhound stadium (long since closed) and investigated while Jof went shopping. It's another derelict site with a range of poorly constructed buildings which are now mostly destroyed by local youths.
By lifting the fence out of the way we gained access to the old car park which is now a camping ground for some boys living in the same street: we then climbed the piles of rubble to get to the far end which was where we found the large hole in the perimeter fence. Once inside we checked out the buildings: bars, viewing platforms, betting booths, kennels and cafeterias. All were boarded up but pretty well each one had a hole in the boards so we spent half an hour going through each one. The whole area is strewn with random debris, very dangerous, mmm.
hole in the fence at the dog trackderelict greyhound track, great playgroundThen we found yet another hole in the fence near the man who was stealing copper wire which took us onto the open area opposite the motorway so we could check out the two US army amphibious assault vehicles you can see from the M275.
When we got all the way back to the road and the liftable fence we found that security had been round and padlocked it. It wasn't so easy to get out.
Later, I met up with Pops and Ruby and we washed 3 cars.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Up late. Pops turned up at 1040 so after making her Dad aware of this we pootled off to Cosham, bus to the station and train up there. Bud had been looking at Google earth again so he had found 2 parks within easy reach. The first one was nice, it had 3 climbing rocks and a slide of death that we didn't want to go on even though it was being used by someone younger than us.
climbing rocks in the park, Cosham hampshire
 railway footbridge cosham hampshireOnce we had had our fill of climbing, we went back through Cosham City Centre where we discovered that the "Special surprise shop" that we were looking for was in fact a barbers. Keen-eyed viewers will be able to detect his handiwork in later pictures.

Then we went to the second park which was curtailed by a toilet alert for Pops, nearest one was MacDougalls so Bud bought us chips to share. We polished them off (not including three or so that plummeted to the pavement) before we even got back to the station.
 We had to wait 28 minutes for a train so that gave us lots of time to investigate the bridge, the pile of sand and stones at the other end of the platform (spilling through the fence from the builders yard adjacent) and so forth.
It was a blue train so we swiftly located the automated toilet which kept us happy for the duration of the journey.
After a meagre luncheon I misunderstood the simple task of "wait for me to get my keys and we can go into town" and went to collect Pops again. We took the bus and visited Jof at work, took some pics for Nanna into Boots and bought a big bath fizzer each - she got a blackberry bath bomb and I got a Santa, a snip at £5.75 the pair. Having completed the registered tasks, we were free to go into Victoria park and see the massive double-scoop diggers destroying the old Victoria Swimming Baths, play on the climbing apparatus and have a wee in a bush.

sitting on the train roof, victoria park portsmouth

Friday afternoon

When it actually came to getting up time, I refused so Jof stayed home with me and I went to school at lunchtime. This situation will be monitored.
At pickup time, we walked home with Erin again (she gave me a Thunderbirds II) and after a little bit of Tom & Jerry, Pops came round and we all went outside to destroy the tomato frame.
grubby children sticking tongues out b+q garden playhouse
England. A culture where ugly kids are allowed to live
We all got very muddy but it was fun.
 While we were upstairs barricading ourselves in again and spreading compost and confusion, the JoniBobs came round to show off their conker collection. This simply added to the fun and reduced the average time between toilet breaks.
When everyone had gone and all was quiet again (apart from Alados Rulabaker the singing maniac), Bud discovered that when Pops and I had "cleared up" my bedroom as promised, we actually meant we had hidden the contents of my room under the bed.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday Morning

On Friday morning I met Bud in the corridor as he went to have a shower. We were both naked. This is not unusual.
But why, O why, I hear you cry, was I out of bed with the curtains open at six in the morning? I'm a hopeless boy.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Discombobulatorix - the Asterix character that never was

kids playing milton park southsea wood chips playing surface safetyThe Wednesday park again. Erin's Mum was gong to the PTA meeting with Jof so I escorted Erin to the park where we met the JoniBobs. We took one rifle and an England flag, the very beginnings of our own private army.Gradually we worked our way round the park
going on all the items.
As usual we had a couple of breaks for sugary food intake to replenish our stocks of energy.

baby birds in the nest getting sugary foodAfterwards the JoniBobs were kind enough to invite us both round to theirs for tea, our parents got some quiet time to do whatever it is they do and Bud came to pick us up at 1830. I was unwilling to leave so howled all the way home. Apparently the sterling supper provided by Cal was not good enough (fish fingers, potatoes, peas) so emptied my supplementary plate of sausages, potatoes and broccoli with added cheese, chocs to follow. It's possible I'm on a growth spurt.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monday, 4 October 2010

Monday walk

Today after school I walked to Ben's new house, about 1.3 miles. He was in after-school club so it was my turn to pick him up! His school is open plan, much newer and smaller than mine but it's got a couple of acres so they actually have grass all the way around the building.
They've not even been there a week so it's still got a lot of boxes but Ben's already got his den sorted and we emptied out his box of diggers in the shed and thoroughly excavated the gravel borders at the side of the garden to the tune of Shigabarb Doodawab, which is something I sing when ebullient.

Lost weekend

Bud was counting things at his work on Sunday as well - he didn't get back until after 6pm. So I spent most of the day round at Pops' place.

Saturday, 2 October 2010


boy playing board games with mother and grandmother on pine table
Nanna (the tall one) came to stay for Friday night.
This made me very animated (as opposed to my usual shy self) and we played/sang/jigsawed/glued/ludo-ed etc till the cows came home, which was a little after 9.
Nanna lives the other side of Brighton, which is where the green trains go.
Bud was overtiming so I had 2 women to boss around all day, but as it rained constantly I was not able to go to the park.

Language college sub 7


3。 Breaktime。対話型の石蹴りのコースでは、うまくいっている包括的な検査に続いて、講師は私は今話せます言う。



영어를 배우는 내 블로그를 사용하십시오. 매일 업데이 트. 선생님 / 언어 대학 말해
두번째 언어로 영어 공부
학교에서 오늘의 주제였다 :
1. 어휘, 문법과 철자에 초보자를위한 강습. 내 친한 친구와 나는 우리 선생님이 flashcards를 사용하여 새로운 단어를 논의 : 그럼 우리가 그룹 입문서 문장에서 그들을 사용합니다.
2. 노는 시간. 가정 교사 벽돌 건물이나 분장, 역할 놀이를 선택하는 우리를 허용했다. 난 놀이 영역과 타워를 건설 연구 새로운 방식으로 리소스를 선호합니다.
3. Breaktime. 대화형 돌차기놀이 코스가 잘되어 가고있는 포괄적인 진단에 따라, 강사는 지금 유창 오전 말합니다.
4. 게임, 노래, 이야기, 예의 바르게 대화 한 대 한 대화. 클래스는 국가의 강의를 대학까지 다음과 같습니다.
5. 쓰기. 나의 서예는 원하는 수 있지만 전문가 수업 덕분에 지금은 단순한 단어와 핵심 문장을 작성할 수 있습니다 작은 잎.
곧 난 네이티브처럼 영어를 희망없는 것들처럼, "하나, 둘, 무료" "내가이 짓을"라고 말하고, 그리고 "나는 그들에게 초콜릿을 원한다. "

영어를 배우는 내 블로그를 사용하십시오. 매일 업데이 트. 선생님 / 언어 대학 말해.


Izmantot savu blogu, lai uzzinātu angļu valodu. Atjaunina katru dienu. Pastāstiet savam skolotājam / valodas koledžā
Apgūt angļu valodu kā otru valodu
Šodienas tēmas skolā bija:
1. Nodarbības leksiku, gramatikas un pareizrakstības iesācējiem. Kolēģiem studentiem un es apsprieda dažus jaunus vārdus ar mūsu skolotāju, izmantojot kartīšu: tad mēs izmantojām tos teikumus grupā pamācību.
2. Rotaļu laiks. pasniedzējs ļāva mums izvēlēties lomu spēles, mērci vai ķieģeļu veidošanu. Es gribētu resursu rotaļu laukums un meklēt jaunus veidus, kā būvēt torņus.
3. Breaktime. interaktīvs būdiņu spēle protams ir labi, un pēc visaptverošas pārbaudes, pasniedzējs saka, ka es esmu tagad brīvi.
4. Spēles, dziesmas, stāstus, pieklājīgs saruna un viens pret vienu dialogu. klasi pēc valsts mācību programmas visu veidu University.
5. Rakstiski. Mana kaligrāfija atstāj nedaudz no vēlamā, taču, pateicoties ekspertu mācību tagad varu uzrakstīt vienkāršus vārdus un galvenās frāzes.
Drīz es ceru, ka runāt angliski, piemēram, dzimtā un nevis saka lietas, piemēram: "Es izdarījusi", "Viens, divi, par velti ", un "es gribu viņiem konfektes".

Izmantot savu blogu, lai uzzinātu angļu valodu. Atjaunina katru dienu. Pastāstiet savam skolotājam / valodas koledžā.


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Anglų kalbos mokymasis, kaip antrosios kalbos
Šiandienos temos mokykloje buvo:
1. Pamokos žodyno, gramatikos ir rašybos, skirtas pradedantiesiems. Mano kolegos studentai, ir aš aptarti kai kurių naujų žodžių su mūsų mokytoja, naudojant korteles: tada mes naudojo juos sakiniai grupės pamoka.
2. Playtime. mokytojas leido mums pasirinkti vaidmenį vaidina, padažu ar plytų pastatas. Norėčiau išteklių žaisti srityje ir mokslinius tyrimus naujų būdų, kaip statyti bokštus.
3. Breaktime. interaktyvus vaikų žaidimas kursas vyksta gerai, o po išsamūs tyrimai, dėstytojas sako aš dabar gerai.
4. Žaidimai, dainos, pasakojimai, mandagus pokalbis ir "vienas su vienu " dialogą. klasė po nacionalinės mokymo programos, visą kelią iki universiteto.
5. Rašymas. Mano kaligrafija palieka mažai būtų pageidaujamas, tačiau dėka ekspertas mokslą, dabar galiu rašyti paprastus žodžius ir pagrindines frazes.
Netrukus tikiuosi kalbėti anglų kaip gimtoji, o ne pasakyti kažką panašaus į "aš padariau tai", "Vienas, du, be glitimo ", ir "Aš noriu jiems saldainių".

Naudokite savo dienoraštį mokytis anglų kalbos. Atnaujinama kasdien. Pasakykite savo mokytojo / kalbos kolegijoje.


Gunakan blog saya untuk belajar bahasa Inggeris. UPDATED DAILY. Beritahu guru anda / perguruan tinggi bahasa
Belajar Bahasa Inggeris sebagai Bahasa kedua
topik hari ini di sekolah adalah:
1. Pelajaran dalam kosa kata, tata bahasa dan ejaan untuk pemula. sesama pelajar saya dan saya telah membincangkan beberapa perkataan baru dengan guru kami menggunakan flashcards: maka kita menggunakannya dalam kalimat dalam kumpulan tutorial.
2. Bermain. tutor ini membolehkan kita untuk memilih peranan-play, berdandan atau bata-bangunan. Saya lebih suka sumber daya di tempat bermain dan cara-cara penyelidikan baru untuk membina menara.
3. Breaktime. Kursus interaktif main jingkat berjalan baik dan, mengikuti ujian komprehensif, pensyarah bilang aku sekarang lancar.
4. Games, lagu, cerita perbualan, sopan dan satu-ke-satu dialog. Kelas mengikuti sukatan kebangsaan, semua cara untuk Universiti.
5. Menulis. kaligrafi saya meninggalkan sedikit yang diingini, namun berkat bimbingan ahli sekarang saya boleh menulis kata-kata sederhana dan frasa kunci.
Segera Saya berharap untuk bercakap Bahasa Inggeris seperti asli dan tidak mengatakan hal-hal seperti "Saya melakukan ini", "Satu, dua, tidak", dan "Saya ingin mereka coklat".

Gunakan blog saya untuk belajar bahasa Inggeris. UPDATED DAILY. Beritahu guru anda / perguruan tinggi bahasa.