Tuesday, 26 October 2010


bonfire viewer. Monitoring progress of fire
With Great-Grandad's chimney brush I shoot the fire
Every day I got up at exactly 0800, for breakfast, even though I didn't eat any. And every day Bud found a different woodlouse in the sink.
There was only time for 1 tip trip on the Tuesday so I joined Bud. There was a big queue because they were changing over the metals skip so we looked at the giant red hot air balloon that happened to float by while we were waiting. Then the woman in front of us decided to give up and do a 9-point turn to turn around and escape the queue. She failed, coming to a rest at a rakish angle in the middle of the road. Once 2 male drivers on the way out had stopped to jeer at her she tried again and stylishly completed a 13-point turn and left. As she passed, Bud wound down the window and we both cheered.

clear patio. space for the washing line
Grandad Hobbit didn't know that wall was there
This final tip load was of mouldy wood and bits of carpet of all nations. I bet you didn't know you could grow mushrooms on old carpet...... you learn something new every day. A quick look through outhouse # 5 led to a final bonfire.
That left time to cut back the honeysuckle revealing an unknown wall and associated patio. Then we collected apples for donation to friends.
Upon my return I spent a few hours with old mate Ben, who got the first 4 apples. While I was out, Elizabeth came round, she got 3 apples.

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