Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Doktor Mungele

2 men, 1 chair. watching TV in parallel
The advantage of having small bottoms
Ben arrived a little after 0800 for half-term cover. We had breakfast (I had sausages and banana, Ben had chinese pears from our garden). This date coincided with my hospital appointment so we got a bus up to QA where we were privileged to wait an hour and 20 minutes in the reception area for my name to be called. I am now 106 cm tall: Ben is 112.
Ben and I played with plastic food, bricks, a hoover, a complete kitchen range and some startlingly ugly babies while Bud tried to come to terms with his hangover.
sitting in the luggage compartment of the bus
Just a couple of old bags

Had a massive sense of humour failure when Ben didn't immediately follow my frequent and unreasonable orders. I buried my head in the corner of the bus stop and refused to come out. The bus stop was made of glass so Ben simply walked around the other side and pulled faces at me. This made me incandescent with rage and I went quite pink and lashed out at the two of them for as much as 20 minutes until distracted by the luggage rack in the bus and went back to my usual self.

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