Monday, 18 October 2010

Incendiary comments

fireworks magazine. Large collection of fireworks
First catch a cat. Then connect clasp A to collar B....
Today Bud bought in a family variety funpack of fireworks from Giant Tesco in Northarbour.
 If you buy 5 items of your choice for £25 you get a free Barrel'O'Laffs or was it the Bucket'O'Bombs (partially obscuring the human in this image) which I suspect we'll have to keep for the New Years' Bomb Banging Bonanza.

little red riding hood, boy in a giant wicker basket
There's something wrong with this Little Red Riding Hood

As promised the comedy stage-prop basket made its way down from the loft ready to take to school for purposes unknown. In the end it was used as the centrepiece for the hamper in the raffle, and attracted more attention than the contents.

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