Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday rampage

An all-day bus ticket gave us access to the seafront (18 and 1C), then into town (40) and back again (17).
playing crazy golf out of season, using your feet
Zwolf. Got its name when we did the scoring in German
Bud had remembered the golf balls so we had a complete if rather swift game of Zwolf on the pier (silly golf, but with a real golf ball and using your foot, not a club). This was free of charge as the minigolf had shut for the winter but swift due to the keen winds which had chased away all but the most obsessed fishermen. 
 We then threw some rocks into the sea (how could you not) and went into town so Bud could go into the bank. It wasn't all bad as we had time to climb and act the giddy goat in Victoria park.
throwing stones off Southsea pier
UFO files 2010: it's a stone (again)
Home the long way round (17 not 18) and a lunch of pasta/sausages/naan bread with the rest of Bug's Life.
After some more time redesigning the train track, we visited a rather busy Krazy Kaves (or is it The Kaverns of Insanity) for some Pothole Madness.
refuelling stop during soft play sessionWe met Jack (Rabbit class like Erin) and ran about manically, stopping only to eat, drink and strip by degrees. We were late back so dropped in on Pops, whose mother had just seen Bensmum, then went to Erins', where we found Bensmum. This is why I firmly believe that Pompey is just some vast commune of my friends and their parents, all of whom swap houses and sofas regularly so you never know who you'll meet where: all this is for my personal benefit.

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