kids in a box game
Erin and I were sitting in a box one day and a whole new way of life began
It is said, give a toddler a christmas present and they'll be more interested in the box. I first started my love affair with cardboard back in 2010 and I've never looked back. They have also proved a great distraction for when the adults are talking about beer. As you can see, they're much better with friends.

Box 2. Good enough for 3.
face holes cut in box for kids

full sized pallet cap and sleeve as a kids castle
Box 3. Good enough for 7 occupants and had its own extension, roof and crenellations.

cardboard pallet shipping containers as playhouse

Box 4. Pallets aforethought. Had a ladder to the second floor, and another to the roof garden. Sleeps 5 comfortably
halloween dracula coffin at partydracula coffin with templar knight tomb logo
Box 5. A foam-lined coffin with carry-handles, just right for Dracula on halloween night

medium cap and sleeve pallet for kids
Box 6. Streamlined 2-seater with sunroof and steering wheel, the sporty model

cardboard box childrens den
Box 7. Taller than your average box due to extended flaps. This property has five windows and two doors, skylight for added illumination and a double-layered padded floor for all those naughty games. It comes complete with the usual sticker decorations and 4 police woo-woos.
giant childrens den made of cardboard

cardboard castle made from pallets cap and sleeve
Box 8. This 3-level monster has teeth and eyes and 2 single beds on the roof with twin 40mm cannons against intruders. With spacious accommodation and windows throughout, the double-thickness walls give a sense of privacy and madness. I have included the original blueprints for anyone who wishes they were me and who has access to international shipping packaging. It lived for 2 weeks and had about 15 visitors ranging in age from 1 to 42. Another special by our very own Box Doctor.
Box 9.
After a gap of 2 1/4 years we built Box 9, and it still had exactly the same occupants, just a little larger and older.
This was the Mark 4 Tank with massive 120 mm main weapon (carpet tube) and side 40mm cannon, grenade launchers, camouflage netting, 3 rooms and a top strong enough to support us all.
kids cardboard castle shipping pallet packaging
I installed lighting and there were 3 windows and 2 vertical portholes which most of us could fit through. This was the largest box so far, it took up half of the room and entertained us royally for the New Years Eve party 2014. It was 12 feet long and 5 feet wide at its widest point (into alcove).
 Box 10.
A simple affair for simple people with privacy in mind. The corner door closes with an invisible seam but there is a porthole in the roof so you don't suffocate.
ibm shipping pallet box
It fits neatly into an alcove in my room and I need it for quiet introspection, reading, and an escape from the hectic noise and responsibility of my life. It's full of cushions but no girlfriend.


  1. brilliant - took me right back to my childhood :)

  2. Amazing i want to play pleassssssssssssssssse !!!!!

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    in a very innovative way you can customize them by making some design or artist things on the box in order to make them more alluring


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