HMS Ark Royal

Trip to see the HMS Ark Royal 23rd January 2011. My jacket looks like that because I have a broken arm.

portsmouth naval dockyard

ships figurehead

portsmouth naval museum

hms victory

portsmouth dockyard

cannon dockyard portsmouth

hms victory rigging

field gun, portsmouth navy

hms ark royal

naval aircraft carrier

aircraft lift in carrier

aircraft hangar

access hatch

machine guns

hangar on aircraft carrier

hms victory gun ports

aircraft carrier flight deck

helicopter on deck

carrier with helicopter

hms ark royal

portsmouth hm naval base

aircraft carrier flight deck

tidal jetty

flight deck runway on carrier

wharf crane on dock

spinnaker tower portsmouth, french naval vessels

portsmouth harbour

portsmouth harbour police launch

spinnaker tower gunwharf

3 men under a table, customs house gunwharf

ark royal lifebelt and crest

landing strip on a ship

portsmouth naval base satellite view
5000 people saw it.