giant cannon at fort nelson royal armouries portsmouth

Me, star of this blog.
I'd like to thank all those below who have made me possible. I suffer from repetitive brain injury but don't let it get me down.

There’ve been good times and bad, I’ve been happy and sad
I’ve been normal and mad, au nouveau and trad

I can never be James Bond; I’m a fish in the wrong pond
So it’s getting unlikely that I’ll patch up my psyche

In my second grave I’ll spin, before I balance Yang and Yin
Thank God Jung and Freud are dead; don’t want them inside my head

But to those who’ve known my history, there’s never been a mystery
giant chess set, holiday inn portsmouth at wedding receptionWe’re all different people under this sun, it's just that I’m from another one

Bud. Father, author and tickler. Little children laugh and point at him.

swimming pool, ring float

Jof.  Mother, cuddler and launderer.
Cannot help herself.

model train near eastbourneNanna. Giggler, northerner and helper.
She made me laugh for years and years before leaving me on 6th August 2014 when I was 8 1/2 and quite old enough to understand.

Not present due to already being dead: Ted. Londoner, bookkeeper and jazz fan.

grandparents retirement conservatory, country houseHobbits. Short, rural and mad. Grandma ceased to be on 30th November 2013.
giant wine glass, rioja
Wine is cheap when you're only 13 inches high

And a special hello back in time to Mungo W. Paumier Born Dublin 1797, for whom I am named.

Here are some others who are important to me:

dancing girl
naval academy student

pensive boy

crying boy
curious girl

girl eating ice cream