Thursday, 30 September 2010

Respite care

krazy caves portsmouth see saw birthday partiesBen was moving house today so Bud picked him up from his school (nobody questioned a stranger obtaining a child) and they came to pick me up from after-school club, so he got to see my school as well.
Then we walked to Crazy Caves and got cheap entry as it was only open for 40 more mins.
chips and chicken nuggets at McDonalds portsmouth
After some good sliding we left and had chips with mechanically reclaimed reformed poultry-based meaty morsels at McDougalls. 
After much telly and supplementary pizza/pringles/cheese Bud drove Ben home, giving his parents well over 4 hours of Ben-free quality time. It's just a shame they were moving house, or they could have really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


let the children run riot, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
Cry havoc and let slip the Bobs of war
The Wednesday park was a washout so Erin and the Jonibobs came round to ours instead. Much chocolate was eaten.
In other news, I am 4 3/4 today which means it's measuring day: in the last quarter I grew by 2.1 centimetres which has been duly added to my spreadsheet. This is a vast improvement on last quarter when I managed a stunning 2mm.
Does Erin look like Dana Scully to you? Mmm. Mungle and Scully, it doesn't bear thinking about.........


Harvested the last of the beans before the storms. 
wimborne infant school reception student
Beans. Large but dull

On the way back from after-school club, we met Mrs Laughing-boy-Thomas who lives just around the corner from there. I declared that I had forgotten everyone from my nursery days. I guess I was born under a wand'ring star/I shook off that Georgia dust and I was gone/I'm leavin' on the midnight train/wherever I lay my hat/I'm movin' on/Ahm sittin' at the bus stop, waitin' for a traaaaiiin..............

Monday, 27 September 2010

Random Monday park

Woke Jof up at 0645. Apparently Erin did even better, waking her Gran up at 0630 by torchlight.
After another wizzo schoolday, went to the park with Poppy and collected conkers, ran away from dogs and met former workmate and regular Puddler Elizabeth.
milton barn park amateur dramatics metal park bench
Pops wore some cracking new boots and having seen Madame Ben in his wonderful get-up I think I might be getting a bit Hi (heel)-curious.
 This snap shows my magic wand; with it I transformed Bud into a) a pair of glasses and b) a girl.
A theme develops.

Another dark forest!

Actually this one wasn't so dark. Queen Elizabeth Country Park is lovely and we shall be going back many times, with the bike, with a BBQ, or just to climb Mount Butser. Did lots of walking, ate free blackberries, met some horses and Jof fell on her bottom again going down a slope.
woodland clearing in Queen Elizabeth Country Park
O sole Mungo
The food at the visitors centre is extortionate but good, and the shop does a great line in cheap plastic chinese dinosaurs - excellent bath toy at 85p - £2.50.
Needed a long bath after the excursion so did dinosaur role play.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

A train ride

the tunnel of love, plastic playtube in park
Saturday 25 September
Once Pops had got back from her swimming lesson we took a bus to Fratton station, from there a green train to Havant to investigate the new park by the bus station.
We only just caught the green train because we were going up and down in the disabled platform lift the other side of the tracks when it arrived.
Spent the whole journey going from one end of the train to the other.

There were also conkers to be found and dens to be created in the bushes by the cricket pitch but they turned out to be full of dog poo.Eventually we decided it was time to go home so we stopped off and had ice creams in Park Parade, nothing but the best for my Pops.
summoning the lift, new disabled platform access lift over track
I'll show you a good time, Baby

Caught a blue train back to Fratton, spent half the journey going from one end of the train to the other until we discovered the button-operated toilet: spent the other half of the journey opening and closing the toilet door, it became our rocket/space capsule.
Bud read the paper.
The fun didn't stop at Fratton where we spent another 10 minutes going up and down in the lifts.
After a break for lunch we met up for some pavement play.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Defend the queen!

Friday. Needed my regular fix of Pop so sent my chauffeur to collect.
street urchins pulling facesFor some reason we decided we had to barricade ourselves in my bedroom to escape the virulent and rampaging Bud who wanted us to stop beating him up and go to do the washing up, apparently.This was obviously insufficient as the inquisitive Bud managed to get a camera through the gap.
So the ugly one (me) and the good-looking one (her) resolved to strengthen our defences against his cruel onslaught.
big pile of rubbish obstructing bedroom door
We used EVERY item in the room to stop him, but the ever-resourceful invader was thinking outside the box. Outside the house, in fact, as he used his ladder to reach the window. We now had no means of escape, which proved problematic when Pops needed the toilet.
Luckily he was able to post supplies to us through a gap so we didn't starve.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wednesday is Park day

On a promise for some park action if I eat my lunch.
So, ate lunch after school in a frantic porg session that I could have avoided if I ate during my lunch hour.
polyandrous cavemen. picnic amongst the climbing rocksOff to the park to see Erin, Pops, Ben and the JoniBobs.

Spanked Bud in the willy twice and howled for 10 minutes after he reacted with shouting. Then, after another incident that escapes me, howled myself into another frenzy and vomited on my trousers. One quick cleanup trip home later, I was back with a vengeance to climb, swing and eat. This resultant sugar rush gave us all the energy to beat Bud up, outnumbered 5 to 1. A good time was had by all.
administering corporal punishment to one in a helpless position
You're not supposed to enjoy corporal punishment
Staking my place as trend-setter and born leader, I decided I needed a poo - and immediately so did Erin and Ben. So off we went to the toilets with Bud who had to deal with a parallel double-dumper in the boys and Erin in the girls right round the corner. The poor council bogman was trying to close up for the day - we finally left at 10 past 5.
A little bit more work outside the swingpark and then the parents called it - most unfairly in all our minds so we gave them the runaround in a team effort that will always win against those older and slower than ourselves.
Yes. Let's do it all again next week, for we are gluttons for punishment.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Restricted data

When Bud picks me up from school, he asks me what I did that day.
He always gets one or more of the following answers
  1. I can't remember
  2. Nothing, but it was all good
  3. Erm, I'm thinking.........................
But once I've had a chance to sit down and get some food in me, Jof gets home and I regale her with numerous stories of life at school.
Today I discovered the rock-on field lines generated by a stack of the Neodymium alloy hard disc drive magnets that Bud brings home from work. The TV may never be the same again.

magnetic field lines from neodymium alloy hard disc drive magnet

Official Park Day again today, can't wait. Will take the bag of pink mushrooms purchased at the cinema a couple of weeks ago.
Apparently 22nd September is National Hobbit day (birthdays of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins) so there's something for the grandparents. It may seem a little desperate having a national day for a fictional character but look at how many days jesus has got.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I do like Mondays

But not when I take a tumble in the playground and scrape all the skin off my chin, earning myself the first accident form of my school career.
damaged chin, use chocolate as painkiller
Extra plaudits from the staff for my stoic stiff upper lip and damaged lower lip, but still, it doesn't help, I'm ugly enough as it is.
This did not stop me from harvesting runner beans and then promptly eating them for supper. I also had a run round the park (Friend count = zero, so poked head over nursery fence to abuse those I left behind) and brought yet another stick home for the burnbox.
To those with keen eyesight, this picture shows trace evidence of a large slice of chocolate cake I helped Jof to eat, as well as a mortal wound sustained in deadly combat with a concrete adversary.

Monday, 20 September 2010


model children for hire tv programmes film roles
Film stars at play
Sunday 19th September: "By the seaside without your car" day. Took only a few minutes to get to Canoe lake on my bike, met the Poppies on the way down.

Climbed, exercised, watched the cycle display and went out on canoe lake on a blue swan. My little legs could not reach the pedals so Bud did all the pedalling: I steered us round in little circles and Poppy watched out for warships (there were 2 as part of the contingent of radio-controlled vessels). Met my school teacher.

vulcan neck pinch on canoe lake southsea
Poppy is 1/4 Vulcan

Once Poppy had moved on, Ben turned up so we tried out the bikes of many shapes: my legs were too short for the smallest lying-down bike but both Ben and I could fit in the tow-along pod so Bud towed us round a few times.2-man buggy pulled behind adult bicycle
Once Ben had moved on, the JoniBobs turned up so we did the assault course again and dug merrily in the sandpit. Eventually, the cold wind chased us to the Tenth Hole where I ordered macaroni cheese and ate none of it. Hiding under the table and sticking straws up through the parasol hole in the middle was much more interesting.
Asleep before 8.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saturday of investigation

So I told Bud that I wanted to do some investigation on my bike today. Little did I know....
sandpit in waterpark southsea seafront
We went via Vic Rd South and Palmerston to the D-Day museum. From there we spotted that the old bowling greens had been revamped to include - a water park (closed for the duration), a derelict bowling green (that's where we found the football) and a beach volleyball court (that's where we found £2.67).
We tried out everything in the water park (not including water), played in the beach volleyball courts (to the delight of the 4 people getting drunk at 1115am) and then climbed on the ack-ack gun and the 2 tanks outside the D-Day museum and found the large fish of many colours in the fish pond.
sandy floored beach volleyball courtFrom there it was but a short ride to the Pyramids (still closed for refurbishment, large digger in the front garden) and the sunken rose garden (no bikes allowed) and on to the pier. Several pocketfuls of stones later, we threw stones off the pier to the consternation of the numerous fishermen and headed to Canoe lake swing park for some climbing and an unexpected meeting with Jason B of Bud's work and his daughters (Millie and Poppy - does anybody have original names??). 
world war 1 tank exhibit outside D-Day museumThen home and a quick lunch before a trip into town to feed the inmates of Victoria park animal cages with M+S iceberg lettuce. Much climbing and sliding later, home for some Mickey Mouse.
Jof out at Mrs Erin's house tonight for Woo-Woo and Champers (Jof is Fifty-hundred today) so Bud and I did the long slow bath-fizzer bath and supper of noodles and prawns.
Bed at five past 10 after an immensely complex day with much hard work which will hopefully mean I don't disturb the somewhat confused Jof until late late late tomorrow morning.
Bud distraught that he won't meet all the drunken Puddler Girlies tonight but s**t happens which is exactly what happened in M+S toilets during our afternoon tea.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Incident-free day

After-school club was great again. Upon my return spied an invitation card from Principal Squeeze Poppy, heavily encrusted with kisses and so forth. Sent minion "Bud" round with an acceptance chit in a cleft stick, I shall therefore be dining tomorrow with the delightful Pops.
Perhaps Wednesdays could indeed be park days, I may buy some American football-style body armour to protect against slide bundles.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


A surprise planned trip to the park resulted in a mass howl-round yesterday when 4 people went down the curly yellow slide at the same time.
Bud and I went down the park where amazingly, we met Ben. While we were talking to Zak, another ex-nursery colleague who is now at my school but a year above, another coincidence happened as the Jonibobs turned up as well!
The 5 musketeers played with the planes and battleship while eating all the various goodies that the parents had thought to bring.
the 5 musketeers sitting on the fence
It turns out that Bud knew Zak's mum and her sister 22 years ago when he was a student. Mmm.
There was a good hour and a half of park work done before the slide overcrowding incident, I was at the bottom and, as smallest, was most damaged.
Today I shall be back at after-school club which I agree is great.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Language college sub 9

Usar mi blog para aprender Inglés. ACTUALIZADO DIARIAMENTE. Dile a tu maestro / escuela de idiomas
Aprendizaje de Inglés como segunda lengua
Hoy en día los temas en la escuela fueron:
1. Lecciones en el vocabulario, la gramática y la ortografía para los principiantes. Mis compañeros y yo hablamos de algunas palabras nuevas con nuestro maestro usando tarjetas didácticas: luego los utilizan en las oraciones en un grupo tutorial.
2. Duración. El tutor nos permite elegir el juego de roles, vestirse o edificio de ladrillo. Yo prefiero los recursos en el área de juego y las formas nuevas investigaciones para construir torres.
3. El recreo. El curso interactivo rayuela va bien y, después de exámenes exhaustivos, el profesor dice que soy ahora con fluidez.
4. Juegos, canciones, historias, la conversación amable y el diálogo uno a uno. La clase está siguiendo el plan de estudios nacional, todo el camino a la Universidad.
5. Escrito. Mi caligrafía deja un poco que desear, pero gracias a la matrícula de expertos que ahora puedo escribir palabras simples y frases clave.
Pronto espero poder hablar Inglés como un nativo y no decir cosas como "he hecho esto", "Uno, dos, libre", y "Yo quiero que los chocolates".

Usar mi blog para aprender Inglés. ACTUALIZADO DIARIAMENTE. Dile a tu maestro / escuela de idiomas.


Använd min blogg att lära sig engelska. Uppdateras dagligen. Berätta för din lärare / språk högskola
Lära sig engelska som andraspråk
Dagens ämnen i skolan var:
1. Lektioner i ordförråd, grammatik och stavning för nybörjare. Mina studiekamrater och jag diskuterade en del nya ord med våra lärare använder bildkort: då vi använde dem i meningar i en grupp handledning.
2. Speltid. Handledaren gjorde att vi kunde välja rollspel, klä upp eller tegel-byggnad. Jag föredrar de resurser på lekplatsen och forskning nya sätt att bygga torn.
3. Breaktime. Den interaktiva hoppa hage Kursen går bra, och efter omfattande undersökningar, säger föreläsaren jag nu flytande.
4. Lekar, sånger, berättelser, artig konversation och en-till-en dialog. Klassen följer den nationella kursplanen, hela vägen till universitetet.
5. Skriva. Min kalligrafi lämnar lite att önska men tack vare expert undervisning jag nu kan skriva enkla ord och nyckelfraser.
Snart hoppas jag att tala engelska som en infödd och inte säga saker som "jag gjort detta", "Ett, två, fri", och "jag vill ha dem choklad".

Använd min blogg att lära sig engelska. Uppdateras dagligen. Berätta för din lärare / språk högskola.


การใช้บล็อกของฉันได้เรียนรู้ภาษาอังกฤษ DAILY UPDATED บอกครูของคุณวิทยาลัยภาษา /
1 บทเรียนคำศัพท์ไวยากรณ์และการสะกดคำสำหรับผู้เริ่มต้น เพื่อนนักเรียนของผมและผมกล่าวถึงคำใหม่ ๆ กับครูของเราโดยใช้ flashcards : จากนั้นเราใช้พวกเขาในประโยคในกลุ่มการกวดวิชา
2 เวลาเล่น ครูสอนพิเศษให้เราสามารถเลือกบทบาท, การแต่งเนื้อแต่งตัวหรืออิฐสร้าง ฉันต้องการทรัพยากรในพื้นที่เล่นและวิธีการใหม่ในการสร้างอาคารวิจัย
3 Breaktime หลักสูตร hopscotch โต้ตอบเป็นไปอย่างดีและต่อไปนี้ครอบคลุมการสอบอาจารย์บอกว่าตอนนี้ฉันได้อย่างคล่องแคล่ว
4 เกมส์, เพลง, เรื่อง, การสนทนาที่สุภาพและแบบหนึ่งต่อหนึ่งบทสนทนา ชั้นต่อไปนี้เป็นหลักสูตรระดับชาติที่ทุกทางมหาวิทยาลัยฯ
5 การเขียน การประดิษฐ์ตัวอักษรของฉันใบเล็ก ๆ ที่จะต้องการ แต่ต้องขอบคุณค่าเล่าเรียนผู้เชี่ยวชาญฉันสามารถเขียนคำง่ายและวลีที่สำคัญ
เร็ว ๆ นี้ผมหวังว่าจะพูดภาษาอังกฤษได้เหมือนเจ้าของภาษาและไม่พูดในสิ่งเช่น"ฉันทำอย่างนี้","หนึ่ง, สอง, ฟรี"และ"ฉันต้องการให้ช็อคโกแลต"

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Ikinci bir dil olarak İngilizce öğrenme
Okulda Bugünün konular şunlardı:
1. Kelime bilgisi, dilbilgisi ve imla başlayanlar için de dersler. Benim sevgili öğrenciler ve ben öğretmen Flashcards kullanarak bazı yeni kelimeler tartışıldı: o zaman bir grup öğretici cümle kullanmıştır.
2. Çalma süresi. öğretmen tuğla bina veya soyunma, rol seçmek için bize izin verdi. Ben oyun alanı ve kuleler inşa etmek için araştırma yeni yollarla kaynakları tercih ederler.
3. Breaktime. Etkileşimli seksek ders, iyi gidiyor kapsamlı incelemeler sonrasında, öğretim görevlisi şimdi akıcı duyuyorum diyor.
4. Oyunlar, şarkılar, hikayeler, kibar konuşma ve bire bir diyalog. sınıf ulusal müfredat, Üniversite tüm yol takip ediyor.
5. Yazılı. Benim hat bir arzu edilen ancak uzman öğretim sayesinde şimdi basit kelimeler ve anahtar sözcük yazabilirsiniz küçük bırakır.
Yakında ben ve bir yerli gibi İngilizce konuşmak için umut değil, şey gibi, "Bir, iki, ücretsiz" Ben bu yapılan "deyin ve"Onlara çikolata istiyorum "dedi.

İngilizce öğrenmek için bloguma kullanın. GÜNLÜK UPDATED. Öğretmeniniz / dil kolej söyle.


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After-school club

Tuesday was my first after-school club, in the junior school next door which is the same but bigger.
Bud came to pick me up when I was only halfway through my hot baked beans on toast (which I don't like, honest, ever since I yummed up my first plate of them at Pop's house) so I sent him away to come back later. Anyway, I hadn't finished playing paper aeroplanes with Poppy C. How was I to know that Poppy H was waiting for me at home.
Poppy H came round to destroy my bedroom, I helped. Despite this and a second supper (fish pie) I still got to bed for 8pm.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

One by one....

trouserless and happy, school uniform is for removing
Surely now all my ex-colleagues have moved on to their respective schools.
Following a rainy Monday at school Pops visited in her new uniform to help beat Bud up.
I have developed an aversion to wearing clothes after school, she was just lucky I was wearing a shirt.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


wooden kids den woth ladder and roof
Spent 4 hours round at the JoniBobs, played on the hovercraft and slide, and watched Monsters Inc. No longer frightened of this film.

The hovercraft now has a glazed porthole, wheeled access steps and a roof on the cockpit.

Then after supper, Pops came round to play the role of My Dog: she sat in the plastic house and barked.

Played the block game on the computer again and finally said goodnight at 2110.


Visited a new park at Stakes Hill. Found many mushrooms but trip cut short by rain.
long metal slide purbrook park portsmouthIn the afternoon it cleared up so went for a walk around the football ground during the match - saw an away fan getting sat on by 6 policemen which was quite funny as he was very insistent on not going down.
 Random discovery of the day - an unopened bottle of Bulmer's cider. Bud took it home for later consumption. Last week it was a 4-pack of Budweiser - worth looking for!
Erin came over to play. Got very upset like a big girl's blouse when she called me Mungles, (reserved moniker for parents only, apparently) threw crayons, hid under the stairs and subsequently under my own bed and told everyone to go away.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Erin turns 5

reception year birthday party gift toiletriesTook Pops to Erin's place for tea and cake. Erin asked whether the present was paint or makeup - a sad reflection on a certain someone's style of makeup application.
The present was actually bath fizzers.

In other news: car numberplate P165 FLY is currently available from a dealer, conservatively priced at £25,990.
If Bud wins the lottery he'll buy it, which is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


boy attacking mother on wooden sofa
WEDNESDAY 8th September;
Spent a good 20 minutes being a range of dinosaurs (all of which shared the same terrifying noise) and beat my mum to death.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Stood up???

Finished my second day at school. Spent time with other classes and even met a Zak that left nursery last year.
A quick change later, went round to Pops to pick her up - and No! I couldn't believe it! One of my girlfriends not at my beck and call? Lousy pre-booked trampolining session with her sister.
Went down the park anyway and met absolutely nobody I knew, although there were quite a lot of other users in the same school uniform I wear so give it a chance, I might get to know some of them.
Bed early - was almost asleep by 9pm.
Have decided that school is even better than nursery. Trip to the sea life centre later this year.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


boy and girl in school uniform reception year wimborne infants portsmouthIt's great. The uniform is way too big but I managed to con a teacher into wiping my bottie, something I'm quite capable of but what are women for but to do everything for you?

Lots of fun all day until the early finish and met up again with Erin, who held Bud's hand all the way home, snubbing her own mum.

Even though I was tired, still managed to bounce around until 9pm. Parents tell me it won't happen again.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


head injury sustained while under the influence
Final day off before getting my first true occupation (student), Ben visited after his first day, part-time hours only but still earlier than me!
Looking forward to it.
Laughed at Bud with his damaged head, don't argue with a flowerbed after too much beer!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Sunday, boxing day

5th of September. It shouldn't have been , but there's only so much you can do.
human cargo. How to evade customs and smuggle humans
Had a low-key bonfire but all the wood was still damp so it was too smoky. Left Bud to deal with it and played hiding in the giant box for a couple of hours.
I am now in between jobs, officially left nursery and a day off before starting school full-time on Tuesday.

Saturday 4th September - the pub!

Morris men performing outside pub. they need beer tooCollected my girlfriends and went down to the pub to play on the pirate ship and eat crisps. Watched the silly men doing the dance with the hankies and clacksticks. The parents kept themselves busy with something called a beer festival, then we all had sausage'n'chips, and Bud put "Dave's gourmet chili sauce" on Erin's dad's chips and it gave him hiccups!

crisps on the pirate ship kids' attraction in the gardenThen we all played pool, It's amazing how quickly you run out of those little coloured balls when you've got five 4-year-olds all trying to lose them down the holes at once.
The walk back from the pub was noisy, probably best I didn't take the bike.
After I went to bed, Bud had some wine and fell into a flowerbed. Ha ha.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Day off??

park bench impromptu picnic
It was supposed to be a day off so I could get to bed before 9pm. But Ben summoned me to the park for mini-picnic and swings, even met Poppy on the way back so there's no escape

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Language college sub 8


Bruk bloggen min til å lære engelsk. OPPDATERT DAGLIG. Fortell læreren din / språket college
Å lære engelsk som andrespråk
Dagens tema på skolen var:
En. Lessons i ordforråd, grammatikk og stavemåte for nybegynnere. Mine medstudenter og jeg diskuterte noen nye ord med læreren vår hjelp flashcards: da vi brukte dem i setninger i en gruppe tutorial.
2. Spilletid. Veilederen tillot oss å velge rollespill, dressing opp eller tegl-bygningen. Jeg foretrekker ressursene i lekeområdet og forskning nye måter å bygge tårn.
Tre. Breaktime. Den interaktive hopscotch Kurset går bra og, etter omfattende undersøkelser, sier foreleser jeg er nå flytende.
4. Spill, sanger, historier, høflig samtale og en-til-en dialog. Klassen følger det nasjonale pensumet, helt til universitetet.
5. Skrive. Min kalligrafi etterlater litt til å være ønsket, men takket være den sakkyndige undervisningen jeg kan nå skrive enkle ord og viktige setninger.
Snart håper jeg å snakke engelsk som en innfødt, og ikke si ting som "jeg gjort dette", "En, to, gratis", og "jeg vil ha dem sjokolade".

Bruk bloggen min til å lære engelsk. OPPDATERT DAGLIG. Fortell læreren din / språket college.


Użyj mojego bloga do nauki języka angielskiego. Aktualizowane codziennie. Powiedz nauczyciela / kolegium języka
Nauka języka angielskiego jako drugiego języka
Dzisiejsze tematy w szkole były:
1. Lekcje w słownictwa, gramatyki i ortografii dla początkujących. Moich kolegów i rozważyć niektóre nowe wyrazy z pomocą naszego nauczyciela flashcards: wtedy korzystali z nich w zdaniach w grupie tutorial.
2. Czas. Nauczyciel pozwolił nam wybrać odgrywanie ról, przebieranie się lub cegły budynku. Wolę środków na placu zabaw i badania nowych sposobów budować wieże.
3. Breaktime. interaktywny kurs klasy "będzie dobrze, a po kompleksowych badań, wykładowca mówi, że jestem teraz płynnie.
4. Gry, piosenki, opowiadania, uprzejmy rozmowy i jeden do jednego dialogu. Klasa jest po krajowy program, aż do Uniwersytetu.
5. Pisanie. Moja kaligrafia pozostawia trochę do życzenia, ale dzięki naukę ekspertów mogę teraz napisać prostych słów i fraz kluczowych.
Wkrótce mam nadzieję, że mówi po angielsku jak native, a nie mówi "ja zrobiłem to","Raz, dwa, wolne ", "Chcę, czekoladki".

Użyj mojego bloga do nauki języka angielskiego. Aktualizowane codziennie. Powiedz nauczyciela / kolegium języka.

Uso meu blog para aprender Inglês. Atualizado diariamente. Diga ao seu professor / faculdade da linguagem
Aprender Inglês como segunda língua
Tópicos de hoje na escola foram:
1. Lições de gramática, vocabulário e ortografia para iniciantes. Meus colegas e eu discutimos algumas novas palavras com o professor usando flashcards: então os usou em sentenças em um grupo tutorial.
2. Playtime. O tutor nos permitiu escolher role-play, vestir-se ou edifício de tijolos. Eu prefiro os recursos na área de jogo e as formas novas pesquisas para construir torres.
3. Breaktime. O curso interativo amarelinha está indo bem e, após exames abrangentes, o professor diz que eu sou agora fluente.
4. Jogos, músicas, histórias conversação, educado e um-para-um diálogo. A classe está a seguir o currículo nacional, até a Universidade.
5. Escrita. Minha caligrafia deixa um pouco a desejar, mas graças à aula perito agora posso escrever palavras simples e frases-chave.
Em breve espero falar Inglês como um nativo e não dizer coisas como "eu fiz isso", "Um, dois, livre ", e "Eu quero que eles chocolates".

Uso meu blog para aprender Inglês. Atualizado diariamente. Diga ao seu professor / faculdade da linguagem.

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Invatarea limbii engleze ca oa doua limbă
Subiectele de astăzi la şcoală au fost:
1. Lecţii în vocabular, gramatică şi ortografie pentru incepatori. Elevii mei colegi si am discutat cateva cuvinte noi cu profesorul nostru folosind cartonaşe: apoi le-am folosit în propoziţii într-un grup tutorial.
2. Redare. tutore ne-a permis de a alege rol-play, dressing-up sau clădire din cărămidă. Prefer resursele în zona de joacă şi modalităţi noi de cercetare pentru a construi turnuri.
3. Breaktime. Cursul este interactiv şotron merge bine şi, în urma examinări cuprinzătoare, lector spune că eu sunt acum fluent.
4. Jocuri, cântece, poveşti, conversaţie politicos şi unu-la-un dialog. clasa este următoarea programa naţională, tot drumul la Universitatea.
5. Scris. Caligrafie meu lasă un pic de dorit, dar mulţumită de şcolarizare expert Pot să scriu acum cuvinte simple şi fraze cheie.
Sper ca în curând să vorbesc engleza ca un nativ şi nu spun lucruri de genul "am facut asta", "Unu, doi, gratuit", şi "Vreau să ciocolata".

Utilizaţi blog-ul meu să înveţe limba engleză. Actualizate zilnic. Spune profesorul tău / colegiu limba.

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Изучение английского языка в качестве второго языка
Темы дня в школе были:
1. Уроки в лексике, грамматике и орфографии для начинающих. Мои сокурсники, и я обсудил некоторые новые слова с нашим учителем использованием карточек: тогда мы использовали их в предложениях в группе учебника.
2. Время звучания. Репетитор позволили нам выбрать ролевые игры, переодевание или кирпичные здания. Я предпочитаю ресурсов в области игры и исследования новых способов строить башни.
3. Breaktime. интерактивный курс классики идет хорошо, и, после всестороннего обследования, преподаватель говорит, что я теперь свободный.
4. Игры, песни, рассказы, вежливый разговор, и один-к-один диалог. Класс следующие национальные учебные программы, все пути в университет.
5. Дать. Мой каллиграфии листья немного лучшего, но благодаря экспертов учебе теперь я могу писать простые слова и ключевые фразы.
Вскоре я надеюсь говорить по-английски, как родной, а не говорить такие вещи, как "Я сделал это", "Раз, два, свободный", и "Я хочу, конфет".

Используйте мой блог, чтобы изучать английский язык. Обновляется ежедневно. Расскажите своим учителем / Language College.

Bonfire collector

collecting small logs, kindling and firewood
Next door cut down their buddleia trees so I spent half an hour dragging branches round into our garden for a bonfire and stashing them in my playhouse in case it rains. Then collected Poppy for some park action during which I walked in front of her swing right at the lowest point and got a right clunk in the head. Described this loudly in words of two syllables (Awaaaaa, awaaaaa) to everyone in the park for a while then just got back on her scooter and scooted off. While out, the kind neighbour buzz-sawed some boughs into handy-sized logs for Poppy and I to collect. Thence to supper and bed for 9pm. On a promise to get picked up early from Nursery (last day woohoo) on Friday for play and dinner.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Met Poppy, Ben, JoniBob and Lizzie down the park for even more scooting up and down the slope. I don't know how lucky I am.
3 working days left before school.