Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I do like Mondays

But not when I take a tumble in the playground and scrape all the skin off my chin, earning myself the first accident form of my school career.
damaged chin, use chocolate as painkiller
Extra plaudits from the staff for my stoic stiff upper lip and damaged lower lip, but still, it doesn't help, I'm ugly enough as it is.
This did not stop me from harvesting runner beans and then promptly eating them for supper. I also had a run round the park (Friend count = zero, so poked head over nursery fence to abuse those I left behind) and brought yet another stick home for the burnbox.
To those with keen eyesight, this picture shows trace evidence of a large slice of chocolate cake I helped Jof to eat, as well as a mortal wound sustained in deadly combat with a concrete adversary.

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