Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saturday of investigation

So I told Bud that I wanted to do some investigation on my bike today. Little did I know....
sandpit in waterpark southsea seafront
We went via Vic Rd South and Palmerston to the D-Day museum. From there we spotted that the old bowling greens had been revamped to include - a water park (closed for the duration), a derelict bowling green (that's where we found the football) and a beach volleyball court (that's where we found £2.67).
We tried out everything in the water park (not including water), played in the beach volleyball courts (to the delight of the 4 people getting drunk at 1115am) and then climbed on the ack-ack gun and the 2 tanks outside the D-Day museum and found the large fish of many colours in the fish pond.
sandy floored beach volleyball courtFrom there it was but a short ride to the Pyramids (still closed for refurbishment, large digger in the front garden) and the sunken rose garden (no bikes allowed) and on to the pier. Several pocketfuls of stones later, we threw stones off the pier to the consternation of the numerous fishermen and headed to Canoe lake swing park for some climbing and an unexpected meeting with Jason B of Bud's work and his daughters (Millie and Poppy - does anybody have original names??). 
world war 1 tank exhibit outside D-Day museumThen home and a quick lunch before a trip into town to feed the inmates of Victoria park animal cages with M+S iceberg lettuce. Much climbing and sliding later, home for some Mickey Mouse.
Jof out at Mrs Erin's house tonight for Woo-Woo and Champers (Jof is Fifty-hundred today) so Bud and I did the long slow bath-fizzer bath and supper of noodles and prawns.
Bed at five past 10 after an immensely complex day with much hard work which will hopefully mean I don't disturb the somewhat confused Jof until late late late tomorrow morning.
Bud distraught that he won't meet all the drunken Puddler Girlies tonight but s**t happens which is exactly what happened in M+S toilets during our afternoon tea.

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