Thursday, 16 September 2010


A surprise planned trip to the park resulted in a mass howl-round yesterday when 4 people went down the curly yellow slide at the same time.
Bud and I went down the park where amazingly, we met Ben. While we were talking to Zak, another ex-nursery colleague who is now at my school but a year above, another coincidence happened as the Jonibobs turned up as well!
The 5 musketeers played with the planes and battleship while eating all the various goodies that the parents had thought to bring.
the 5 musketeers sitting on the fence
It turns out that Bud knew Zak's mum and her sister 22 years ago when he was a student. Mmm.
There was a good hour and a half of park work done before the slide overcrowding incident, I was at the bottom and, as smallest, was most damaged.
Today I shall be back at after-school club which I agree is great.

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