Thursday, 30 September 2010

Respite care

krazy caves portsmouth see saw birthday partiesBen was moving house today so Bud picked him up from his school (nobody questioned a stranger obtaining a child) and they came to pick me up from after-school club, so he got to see my school as well.
Then we walked to Crazy Caves and got cheap entry as it was only open for 40 more mins.
chips and chicken nuggets at McDonalds portsmouth
After some good sliding we left and had chips with mechanically reclaimed reformed poultry-based meaty morsels at McDougalls. 
After much telly and supplementary pizza/pringles/cheese Bud drove Ben home, giving his parents well over 4 hours of Ben-free quality time. It's just a shame they were moving house, or they could have really enjoyed it.

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  1. Don't tell Mrs Ben about the reclaimed, reformed, reactivated, rehabilitated, regurgitated, reheated balls of matter


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