Monday, 20 September 2010


model children for hire tv programmes film roles
Film stars at play
Sunday 19th September: "By the seaside without your car" day. Took only a few minutes to get to Canoe lake on my bike, met the Poppies on the way down.

Climbed, exercised, watched the cycle display and went out on canoe lake on a blue swan. My little legs could not reach the pedals so Bud did all the pedalling: I steered us round in little circles and Poppy watched out for warships (there were 2 as part of the contingent of radio-controlled vessels). Met my school teacher.

vulcan neck pinch on canoe lake southsea
Poppy is 1/4 Vulcan

Once Poppy had moved on, Ben turned up so we tried out the bikes of many shapes: my legs were too short for the smallest lying-down bike but both Ben and I could fit in the tow-along pod so Bud towed us round a few times.2-man buggy pulled behind adult bicycle
Once Ben had moved on, the JoniBobs turned up so we did the assault course again and dug merrily in the sandpit. Eventually, the cold wind chased us to the Tenth Hole where I ordered macaroni cheese and ate none of it. Hiding under the table and sticking straws up through the parasol hole in the middle was much more interesting.
Asleep before 8.

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