Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bonfire collector

collecting small logs, kindling and firewood
Next door cut down their buddleia trees so I spent half an hour dragging branches round into our garden for a bonfire and stashing them in my playhouse in case it rains. Then collected Poppy for some park action during which I walked in front of her swing right at the lowest point and got a right clunk in the head. Described this loudly in words of two syllables (Awaaaaa, awaaaaa) to everyone in the park for a while then just got back on her scooter and scooted off. While out, the kind neighbour buzz-sawed some boughs into handy-sized logs for Poppy and I to collect. Thence to supper and bed for 9pm. On a promise to get picked up early from Nursery (last day woohoo) on Friday for play and dinner.

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