Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dark forests. They're not all the same

So the dark forest at the top of the hill visible from the church tower in Oo-ar land contained: a network of paths including one to the girl's boarding school at the top; various mushrooms, hartstongue ferns, pheasants and hidden ditches, all damp.
This contrasts with the original dark forest next to the gravel works opposite Morrisons on the Eastern Road which contains mushrooms, beercans and a deep matting of pine needles, all dry.

Weekend of delight part 3

throwing rocks in the sea from coastal defences on reclaimed land

 Lucky boy with a girl on each armBank holiday Monday: went to see Cats and Dogs at the cinema with Poppy at 0900. Finally stumbled in at 1230 for a quick lunch and trip out with the whole gang to Moorings way reclaimed land for blackberry picking, throwing rocks in the sea and a couple down the pub afterwards. It's a tough life.
August blackberry picking, mind the stinging nettlesOne of my friends walked in on his parents in flagrante last week but that's just so old - when left alone with the Sky remote I always pick out and settle down to watch babestation. My grandma couldn't believe it when I did it in front of her.

Weekend of delight part 2

ncp car park civic offices portsmouthSunday: went on a long bike ride to exactly the same park where I played at length the day before on exactly the same slides etc. However, stopped off at the car park behind the courthouse to mess about and then ride down all the slopes. victoria park portsmouth While I was sliding,
Bud went off and discovered the hole in the fence surrounding the old derelict Zurich insurance building next to the park. So obviously we had to investigate....................
derelict zurich building portsmouthIt's very dangerous, with open lift shafts going both up and down, debris, flooded areas, drifts of broken glass everywhere, mmmm.abandoned derelict building

Weekend of delight

Saturday: Surfed a wave of football fans exiting the stadium after the defeat by Cardiff to reach Victoria park; a good hour spent on the slides and climbing apparatus. Expressed a deep desire to learn about multi-storey car parks.

Friday, 27 August 2010


So yesterday Poppy came round for supper again, she eats even slower than I do! At least we could play the "Jump up and down in front of the TV going quack" game.
This morning I persuaded my bed-bound mother to get up and go to work by head-butting her in the bottom. Bud thought this was very good and has booked me for a repeat performance.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Trials and dribulations

Started to poo before I got to the toilet at work today so require new spare trousers/pants. Better learn not to do that again before I get to school in less than 2 weeks.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Lillington church

st martins of tours church lillington dorset sherborne
lichen encrusted stonework lillington church sherborne dorset Spent weekend with grandparents, acting as head waiter during Grandma's 80th Bday party.
Then went up the church tower again and investigated the dark forest, visible at the back there.

Friday, 20 August 2010


milton park portsmouth junior orange swings
Met Ben in the park for swinging, blackberries and howling on the way home.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Yesterday I told Bud that Bobert and Ben would be down the park after work. So we got a picnic together and went down to find......zero people.
Following my session swinging on the baby bucket swings last week (first time on the swings in 2 years) I graduated to the bigboy swings and swung until my little hands got cold and tired. Thence to the public toilets once again for a massive splurge and home.
Today I have arranged to meet at least 1 Ben, let's hope our paths cross this time and we can scrump blackberries again.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I am a Fertility God

Fertility God: the Greene Man. Tomato harvest
And I harvested some tomatoes.

I don't sleep because my brain is too busy.

Commando chic

wimborne infant school southsea uniform
...and I tried out the new school uniform
...commando style. Ok, so my hat is on backwards. But I'm not a thug
up a ladder harvesting green beans growing up side of house
She'd given us a basket of fresh apples from their tree so we refilled it with green beans His Lordship harvested himself on Sunday.

Post 1

Yesterday I picked Poppy up, we went down the park for 2 hours and then had supper. During that time she missed her own parent's barbeque.

Today I am 4 years and 222 days old. This is my first blog post and I'm a little inexperienced. This, like my age and my height, will improve.