Friday, 24 September 2010

Defend the queen!

Friday. Needed my regular fix of Pop so sent my chauffeur to collect.
street urchins pulling facesFor some reason we decided we had to barricade ourselves in my bedroom to escape the virulent and rampaging Bud who wanted us to stop beating him up and go to do the washing up, apparently.This was obviously insufficient as the inquisitive Bud managed to get a camera through the gap.
So the ugly one (me) and the good-looking one (her) resolved to strengthen our defences against his cruel onslaught.
big pile of rubbish obstructing bedroom door
We used EVERY item in the room to stop him, but the ever-resourceful invader was thinking outside the box. Outside the house, in fact, as he used his ladder to reach the window. We now had no means of escape, which proved problematic when Pops needed the toilet.
Luckily he was able to post supplies to us through a gap so we didn't starve.

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