Monday, 6 September 2010

Saturday 4th September - the pub!

Morris men performing outside pub. they need beer tooCollected my girlfriends and went down to the pub to play on the pirate ship and eat crisps. Watched the silly men doing the dance with the hankies and clacksticks. The parents kept themselves busy with something called a beer festival, then we all had sausage'n'chips, and Bud put "Dave's gourmet chili sauce" on Erin's dad's chips and it gave him hiccups!

crisps on the pirate ship kids' attraction in the gardenThen we all played pool, It's amazing how quickly you run out of those little coloured balls when you've got five 4-year-olds all trying to lose them down the holes at once.
The walk back from the pub was noisy, probably best I didn't take the bike.
After I went to bed, Bud had some wine and fell into a flowerbed. Ha ha.

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