Saturday, 9 October 2010

Friday afternoon

When it actually came to getting up time, I refused so Jof stayed home with me and I went to school at lunchtime. This situation will be monitored.
At pickup time, we walked home with Erin again (she gave me a Thunderbirds II) and after a little bit of Tom & Jerry, Pops came round and we all went outside to destroy the tomato frame.
grubby children sticking tongues out b+q garden playhouse
England. A culture where ugly kids are allowed to live
We all got very muddy but it was fun.
 While we were upstairs barricading ourselves in again and spreading compost and confusion, the JoniBobs came round to show off their conker collection. This simply added to the fun and reduced the average time between toilet breaks.
When everyone had gone and all was quiet again (apart from Alados Rulabaker the singing maniac), Bud discovered that when Pops and I had "cleared up" my bedroom as promised, we actually meant we had hidden the contents of my room under the bed.

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