Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Horseplay at the park

metal frame climbing recreation play areaA sunny but cold day, hats useful for those with limited hair. Met Erin, Lewis, Zak and his sister Zena (and their mother from Bud's distant past) and numerous others in the green livery of my school. Distributed largesse in the form of cake bars to all. I have decided that Zena (or is it Xena?) is gorgeous, she feels the same way about me because of my smart hair.


  1. I thought you were talking about Zak's mum's sister!!!

  2. Zak's mum's sister Sharda is also gorgeous. But she is a little too old for me as I am yet only 4. I could wait until I am also older but Bud says this approach will not work.

  3. OK. So it wasn't £60, nearer £8 so all the Puddlers clubbed together to get some


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