Sunday, 17 October 2010

A survey of ordnance

Today we went to see the cannons. We left at high noon, picked up the JoniBobs and had lunch at a rather groovy country pub called the Horse and Jockey, the other side of Southwick.
playing pooh sticks in the stream
This Pooh stick is a lot bigger than the stream
It had an excellent garden for people of my height so we played poohsticks in the stream, climbed the bridges and generally messed about while we waited for our food. Afterwards we drove back up the hill and visited Fort Nelson.
sitting on an antique oriental cannonplease do not sit on the exhibits, bofors howitzer captured by royal artilleryWe were in time for the 3pm cannon firing, investigated all the tunnels and ramparts and sat on loads of cannons.
There are cannons inside, outside, guns to the left of them etc etc. After a while some visitors may feel they've had enough firearms to last a lifetime but not us, we made it our mission to climb as many as possible.
Then one quick trip to the gift shop later, we went home and had a loft clearout, deciding to burn a table as part of our upcoming bonfire night Puddleparty. Some of the gunpowder I liberated from the fort will come in handy.
Additional loft inventory: 1 Mask/snorkel set (unused), 2 broken telephones, 2 hairdryers, 37 rolls of wallpaper and a basket big enough for me to sit in (picture to follow).


  1. Is the snorkel set Ben-size? Is it going? If so, chuck it over here!

  2. Already gone, Monday night is bin night, sorry. But the rubber was perished anyway


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