Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday is adventure day

cauldron of frozen tomatoes, making tomato sauce Saturday night: bed 1030.
Sunday morning: up at 10.
Every time I harvested tomatoes, Bud
took some to eat, Jof cooked some
up and the rest went in the freezer for
Bud's big cooking session in the
cauldron. This is how much was in
the freezer. You can see seams of
basil, veins of parsley and a
motherlode of beans, all grown by
us this year.
In the afternoon we went up to the old Greyhound stadium (long since closed) and investigated while Jof went shopping. It's another derelict site with a range of poorly constructed buildings which are now mostly destroyed by local youths.
By lifting the fence out of the way we gained access to the old car park which is now a camping ground for some boys living in the same street: we then climbed the piles of rubble to get to the far end which was where we found the large hole in the perimeter fence. Once inside we checked out the buildings: bars, viewing platforms, betting booths, kennels and cafeterias. All were boarded up but pretty well each one had a hole in the boards so we spent half an hour going through each one. The whole area is strewn with random debris, very dangerous, mmm.
hole in the fence at the dog trackderelict greyhound track, great playgroundThen we found yet another hole in the fence near the man who was stealing copper wire which took us onto the open area opposite the motorway so we could check out the two US army amphibious assault vehicles you can see from the M275.
When we got all the way back to the road and the liftable fence we found that security had been round and padlocked it. It wasn't so easy to get out.
Later, I met up with Pops and Ruby and we washed 3 cars.

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