Tuesday, 19 October 2010

La vie en print

Tuesdays are not normally known for excitement and today was no different. It rained at pickup time but was fine either side: I built a railway track and watched some telly.
However I also appeared in the local paper - along with every other reception pupil in the Greater Pompo-Metropolitan area. I was supposed to tell Bud but forgot instantly, having inherited his grasp on reality. It's only because he overheard some yummy mummies talking in the playground that he knew to buy one. The third shop we visited had some left. If any of my friends missed out, they can have the relevant cutout picture from my paper.
Prints can be purchased direct from the publishers but as my parents were rolling around on the floor laughing, they forgot to pay the OIRO £60 per picture so I missed out.
School trip to the sealife centre tomorrow: also I invited Pops to the Cosham Firework display on Nov 3rd (trains are available)

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