Tuesday, 26 October 2010


next van load for the tip
Pile number 1 of 4
 0900 start. Got to the tip for opening time but the yellow-jacketed meanies wouldn't let me out of the van so I had to wait while Bud did the 352 jamjars and the metalwork.
As I couldn't help at the tip I spent half the day inside with the Grandparents doing reading, helping apparently, and running up and down hootling. I frequently joined Bud outside to see how he was getting on and every time, I left at least 1 door open.
Because Sunday had been spent preparing, it was a day of 4 tip trips, each of a different flavour. #2 was special. In outhouse #3 were 3 trunks. They allegedly held cardboard boxes for christmas present wrapping: what was found was subtly different. The wooden trunk contained boxes alright, but they were all so mouldy they went on the bonfire. Then we found that the bottom 3 inches of said trunk had turned to compost so that went on as well.

rotten cabin trunk, base rotted away
A very useful trunk
The middle trunk was blue. It was locked, so the contents remained a mystery until we saw that the bottom had rotted off that one as well. The third trunk (metal cabin trunk (c) 1963) also contained mouldy boxes and [bags of bags] that had been untouched since 1986 - it was the original packaging from when they moved there. Perhaps they were hoping that time would run backwards and they could claim on the warranty for still having the original packaging. In picture; gas-powered device for scorching weeds. Makes a jolly good firestarter.

"[Bags of bags]" made up tip trip #3.
That night I watched Finding Nemo which made me so sad (he didn't have a Mummy) that I hyperventilated for half an hour.
bonfire, country style. Firestarter, I'm a firestarter
@daftoldbugger81: "I had a bonfire last week, so you won't find anything to burn"

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