Friday, 29 October 2010

Ubermensch und das Pyramid

Waking up again in little-known coastal settlement PORTSMOUTH, I decided to go swimming in the partly refurbished Pyramid centre. As if by magic Ben picked us up and the JoniBobs materialized next to us in the changing rooms. Pops appeared from nowhere and we were a team again.
The building has changed a little ere I saw it last, the showers work, the entrance is downstairs and the food has moved. There's also quite a lot of exposed wiring, roped-off areas where the floor is yet to be installed and unreasonably fat people. We swam, we slid down the pink elephant, we climbed on Bud and we jumped up and down when the Wave Alert klaxon sounded. Several of us did the blue waterslide but eventually there were just too many blue lips so we got changed and ordered some food.
fast food and waterslides, Pyramids centre, SouthseaAs happened to us in the 10th Hole, we were forgotten by the kitchen: but not just us this time, the curse had spread and all 3 families had to go up and remind the chef what we had ordered. ("Well, we had the tickets....but then we didn't")
Bud took advantage of this by re-ordering a more expensive meal.
Everyone had empty plates at the end and not just because Ben went round emptying them after we'd finished.
In the afternoon Bud procured me Class A iCandy 'Pops' for some brick'n'track action - something to do with watching TV for more than an hour without moving. Declared I'd seen enough of her for one day and faced the sofa. Pops went outside with Bud to plan the bonfire festivities (Beer'n'Bombs) and one microsecond later I was out there with them. We cut out spiders and pumpkins to take to Ben's halloween party. I like Pops because she's easier to boss around.

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