Saturday, 16 October 2010

Saturday Daytime business of the Puddle Daddies fell asleep on the landing last night, and the corresponding Puddle Mummy couldn't help but notice. Worry not, as Bud said when he woke up at the bottom of the stairs having fallen down at 1am.......
It's never dull here.
First up, we all went into town to do some shopping: this included getting a Jigsaw done of Nanna's favourite photo, buying a bath fizzer (for Saturday night is Bath Fizzer/Lager night), 2 Mr Benn books out of the charity shop, lunch at M+S, and much much more.
When we got home I went out to see if Pops wanted to play and met her on the pavement coming to see if I wanted to play!! We'll be finishing each other's sentences next......
repotting 3 year-old peyotes, lopophora williamsiiSo John of Pops took us (it was his turn) on the train to Victoria Park for some climbing when it wasn't raining. When we got back I discovered Jof and Bud doing gardening so joined in. I'm a class 7 sweeper, I can gather plant material from the front garden, sweep it down the passageway and scoop it up into the compost heap and then clean up afterwards so I'm pretty well self-sufficient.
Then Bud was repotting the 109 Peyote cacti (full of vitamin Mescaline, although I don't know what that is yet) I planted for him last year so I reprised my role and did it all again.
Don't think a 3-year-old can plant cacti? Here I am doing the same job last year.
repotting 2 year-old peyotes, lopophora williamsiiSee how they've grown. After a top-end supper of macaroni cheese it was off to the bath for Fizzer Night to the strains of ELO, as this epistle is written I am being read the adventures of Mr Benn (not exactly Gilgamesh, but who's counting) at 8 minutes to 10, expect at least 20 mins more bouncing before lights out - nothing to do with the 109 peyotes I planted earlier, honest. Tomorrow I'm off to Fort Nelson to revisit the cannons (see my Google earth pics) with the JoniBobs (none of them have been there yet, including the equally firearms-mad Mr JoniBob)so watch this space for artillery madness!

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