Thursday, 7 October 2010

Discombobulatorix - the Asterix character that never was

kids playing milton park southsea wood chips playing surface safetyThe Wednesday park again. Erin's Mum was gong to the PTA meeting with Jof so I escorted Erin to the park where we met the JoniBobs. We took one rifle and an England flag, the very beginnings of our own private army.Gradually we worked our way round the park
going on all the items.
As usual we had a couple of breaks for sugary food intake to replenish our stocks of energy.

baby birds in the nest getting sugary foodAfterwards the JoniBobs were kind enough to invite us both round to theirs for tea, our parents got some quiet time to do whatever it is they do and Bud came to pick us up at 1830. I was unwilling to leave so howled all the way home. Apparently the sterling supper provided by Cal was not good enough (fish fingers, potatoes, peas) so emptied my supplementary plate of sausages, potatoes and broccoli with added cheese, chocs to follow. It's possible I'm on a growth spurt.

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