Saturday, 9 October 2010


Up late. Pops turned up at 1040 so after making her Dad aware of this we pootled off to Cosham, bus to the station and train up there. Bud had been looking at Google earth again so he had found 2 parks within easy reach. The first one was nice, it had 3 climbing rocks and a slide of death that we didn't want to go on even though it was being used by someone younger than us.
climbing rocks in the park, Cosham hampshire
 railway footbridge cosham hampshireOnce we had had our fill of climbing, we went back through Cosham City Centre where we discovered that the "Special surprise shop" that we were looking for was in fact a barbers. Keen-eyed viewers will be able to detect his handiwork in later pictures.

Then we went to the second park which was curtailed by a toilet alert for Pops, nearest one was MacDougalls so Bud bought us chips to share. We polished them off (not including three or so that plummeted to the pavement) before we even got back to the station.
 We had to wait 28 minutes for a train so that gave us lots of time to investigate the bridge, the pile of sand and stones at the other end of the platform (spilling through the fence from the builders yard adjacent) and so forth.
It was a blue train so we swiftly located the automated toilet which kept us happy for the duration of the journey.
After a meagre luncheon I misunderstood the simple task of "wait for me to get my keys and we can go into town" and went to collect Pops again. We took the bus and visited Jof at work, took some pics for Nanna into Boots and bought a big bath fizzer each - she got a blackberry bath bomb and I got a Santa, a snip at £5.75 the pair. Having completed the registered tasks, we were free to go into Victoria park and see the massive double-scoop diggers destroying the old Victoria Swimming Baths, play on the climbing apparatus and have a wee in a bush.

sitting on the train roof, victoria park portsmouth

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