Sunday, 10 July 2011

Vital sines, bee cos and spray tans

Up 0930, not so bad. Pops came round to get me and show me the new carpet in her outhouse. She just didn't 'get' my dinosaurs, even though I cleaned their teeth with my old toothbrush.
extreme hammocking by zurich building portsmouthNever mind. I slyly inviegled myself into her house and stayed for lunch. When they had to go out I returned and Bud tempted me out on a bike ride with promises of a multi-storey car park. We were just giving directions to a busload of Muslims with rucksacks when Popsmum drove past.
rope net climbing victoria park portsmouthWe toured the empty car park going up and down the slopes.
loading up on free food - blackberriesAfter picking up the pictures that Pops and I took of the spy hunt and other occasions, we had an ice cream and went to Victoria park for some extended climbing.
The pictures (taken by Pops, Erin and myself) were not quite worth the money. There's a picture of the kitchen bin, Buds' bottom, Jofs' bottom, fingers over lens, unknown blur, the car skylight from the inside, etc.
On the way home we stuffed ourselves with free blackberries from the railway sidings.

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