Friday, 15 July 2011

Keep on keeping on

A saga of country felines owned by Grandma
self-contradictory roadsign, no entry no exitThe most recent cat "YumYum" has been returned to vendor for biting the hand that feeds and poo-ing on the kitchen floor. Now, many owners would have a break from catting after this and the previous two (The Pointless Cats, hid behind the cheese plant on the landing for 3 months) but no, on the way home they stopped off and viewed another (Apollo) which will be joining the hallowed household as soon as its work permit comes through. All that remains now is to choose a new name with an M in it, following on from MiLord, Mitzi, Manqui, etc: I hear it's going to be Milo. I suggested Memorandum because at least you can remember it, or Mylan (after Smilin' Mylan from "The idiots abroad" by the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. That name was on the list for me.
slide of deathSo we knew that tomorrow and the rest of the weekend would be rainy so we took the chance to go out: my choice was a bike ride to the beach stopping off at canoe lake waterpark. After an abortive attempt to slide down the death slide not holding on properly (and a howl behind some bushes), I realised it was splendid and queued up and slid properly 6 times.

rockpools in an enormous concrete blockdelving and excavating detritus from a tidal pool
This turned out to be one of those excellent trips that cost nothing, save the laundry bill afterwards.
The tide was going out and we discovered the enormous concrete blocks going out to sea that delineated the path of a subterranean exit pipe of possibly a sewage outflow or rainwater overflow or whatever. The many young teen boys and their less adventurous girls who were swimming in the sea on the first few of them lent us confidence and we mounted the rock of ages to find... 2 rockpools!
With his help I delved and excavated the first hole and designated Hole #1 as Source: Hole #2 was "washing hole" where I processed the rocks from Hole#1. When Hole #1 was exhausted (took a lot of delving with much aromatic mud, gravel and rocks) I changed ends at half time and refilled Hole #1 with the inhabitants of Hole #2 while my Minion Bud collected larger rocks from the seashore....
Those of you who are 5 (or who have recently been 5) may find this play-format eerily familiar.
Anyway, we had to have extensive showers to clear the mud, as usual. I had sand in my hand and rocks in my socks.
Went to bed 2200 bouncing along with the theme tune to the Magnificent 7. It's groovy.

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