Saturday, 30 July 2011

I just wanted to ask you a question.....

Portsmouth gymnastic centre, lessons for all agesThat's what the tall man in the 3-piece suit said at the door at 1030 this morning. I'm open to interrogation but then Bud arrived and noticed the man was fondling a bible. He said "Oh, you're joking, you must have worked out by now that it's all make-believe!" and that got rid of him. Now we've got the rest of the day free for some Brown Magic (I'm still only young), Pagan Fire rituals and Slug'n'Snail Jihad.
Walked to Tunnel park where I said I was hungry (what do you mean, 2 kiwi fruits for breakfast isn't enough?) and fortuitously we were right outside the legendary Bransbury Park butchers, purveyors of fine meaty comestibles and Pompey team gossip. And in there, for less than a quid, I obtained a juicy slice of pork pie so big, it had an egg in it! Tumtum satiated.
It did mean we were too late to take the bus, though, so had to drive to the gym.
In the afternoon we all went down to swingpark to play golf. Bud left immediately to go to the pub with the PuddleDaddies but we stayed on and golfed extensively with 2 other little boys at the cost of only 2 of the 3 golf bats, how come they always break?


  1. Should have pencilled him in for the impending flaming Jesus festivities Bud, possibly with the erstwhile Max lighting the blue touch paper attached to his feet, i must say I always play the "oh yeah thats all well and good.... but who created god?" check mate I believe

  2. p.s. thats Marticus Maximus as in martinsclash


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