Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wearing nothing but a smile (and a trumpet)

Today my class walked down to the Butterfly museum to investigate the life cycle of insects (recent coursework). I saw every stage from eggs to dead butterflies including one emerging from the pupa! We were also on a promise to see the miniature village, which we managed, but the rain came before we could eat our packed lunches in the Rose Garden so we trudged the considerable distance back to school to eat in the assembly hall. What a con!
Todays' Wednesday park looks rained off, anyway, I'm still on self-imposed exile. Tomorrows' Thursday football, however, is the last before the school hols so I'll go if it's not pouring. If I complete a session without moaning I'm on a promise for some fish and chips afterwards.
mouth organist and the little drummer boyErinsmum was busy this afternoon so on a whim we offered to take her main pet off her hands while the pet inspector came round to their house to see if they could adopt any more. So Erin and I got the instruments out as usual, I blew my own trumpet while she busied herself with my organ.
blowing my own trumpetShe also found my excellent dinos and we had a roar. She told Bud that I'm her boyfriend and we "Kutch" at school sometimes: this is a bike shed-related activity and no adults will understand this neologism in an obscure mountain language so we're safe there for a while.
dinosaur battle At supper tonight we ate blueberries by placing them loose on the tablemats and sucking them up directly. I was the best at it so they said I was a clever little sucker.


  1. So, its official? Boyfriend and girlfriend eh? for Kutz.....Erin means "cwtch", its a welsh for hug or cuddle etc....Ally.

  2. Erin is a girl with whom I can definitely do business. But there'll always be a Pops... and recently I've taken a shine to her older sister Ruby
    ...many fingers in many, er, pies


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