Saturday, 23 July 2011

Confused? You will be

swinging hanging basket in the parkAs usual for a Saturday we started in relaxed fashion and wandered down to swingpark where we met Rosie and on towards tunnelpark via the bottlebank and charity shop. I only have 1 bath fizzer left so shopping has taken on a renewed sense of urgency. In the end I bought a small car for 20p. We slid it up and down the slide a few times and then it gave up the ghost, shattering completely. Despondent, we headed home so as not to be late for the gym, like last week.
my own personal minibusIn our street was a Pops in the back of a minibus. This was quite surprising: I know she has a large family but this is ridiculous. It turned out to be a bus they'd hired for Millies' birthday party: clues to the location were in the back of the bus - parasols and a small boat. Sure enough, as we walked to the bus stop, they drove past waving with all Millies' friends in the back of the bus. Bud reckons the destination was the Witterings but Pops mentioned a funpark so I bid Hayling seafront.
We got to gym 40 minutes early: he just can't get it right.
After gym where I steadfastly failed to win any prizes yet again, we headed into town and scored heavily with 2 boxes of bath fizzers in the 4th shop we visited. I am an expert on fizzers and these are old favourites - blue eggs and fruity stars. Jof points out the expiry date on the fizzers was 2 years ago. Fizzers have an expiry date??
flipping burgers on the barbecue
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jof had been shopping and wondered why we hadn't done all our jobs in preparation for Erins' arrival. When they got here we played skittles, took turns on the jumping rocket, played spies and generally got in the way. Once we'd stuffed ourselves at the barbecue we watched the DVD "Up" and some of Wallace and Gromit but then they had to go at 9pm. In a couple of weeks' time it'll be the first anniversary of the Great Puddle Barbecue when we all got together to wish each other luck in our new schools, not expecting to see each other again. However, due to a combination of our geographical proximity and our parents' shared love of beer, it hasn't quite worked out that way.
I had my bath fizzer night and was in bed for 10ish.

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