Friday, 22 July 2011

Fancy, loose and 3 foot 3

santa delivering presents by motorbike
Heading towards the weekend!  
spot the dalekAs we left school we railroaded the parents again so I was able to do a return trip to LittleMaxs' place, with sausage casserole on offer. LittleMax will be told it's soup because he'll only eat soup at the moment, but I am allowed to know the truth, the light hath been revealed to me.
paintings of butterflies and £50 notes
Once I'd returned, Jof and I got on with some painting: I did £50 notes while she taught me to do butterflies. Meanwhile Bud harvested beans and peas and cut down the bean plants that have grown so much they'd overwhelmed the poor tomato bed. Later we delivered a bag of fresh beans to PopsMum and the neighbours: Erin is in line for some later.

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