Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another day on lifes' highway

boneless bananas?
If it's nice enough for Wednesday park I might go on the bike again. That way if it rains I can make a quick escape!
the baby birds gather to forageOK so ErinsMum needed a lie-down so we took Erin to the park instead, not enough bikes to go round so we went on foot. Ben and the JoniBobs were there and we got on with it as usual: my blow-up bat went down well and so did the food.

how come yours is bigger than mine? inflatable toy is penis
Bat envy
Erin not being a boy (can't point) meant the wee in a bush didn't go so well, so she was going home with Bud for some new clothes when her Dad arrived on his 2-wheeled chariot to whisk her away from it all.
 Without her calming influence it all got a bit ragged with a series of he's not letting me use the bat/he called Bobert fat/they're not letting me on their pirate ship: eventually it reached critical mass and we all went home, although Ben got to go with the JBs, lucky him.
Pre-supper reading went well, an easier book this time but a larger volume to compensate.

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