Friday, 8 July 2011

Where there's a willy, there's wahey

firewalking - on your head
Happy Friday to you all.
Another insect day so spent it with Jof, poor girl. We did art - I did a massive hardware shop with cut-out nails and everything - and then Erin came round to take us to KrazyKaves where I tried out new things - the twirler, the ball on a rope and climbing up the large undulating slide right by the sign that says don't climb up the slide. Many of my schoolfriends were there as well. I impressed ErinsMum by deducing the cost of my meal using only mental arithmetic.
In the afternoon we all went down to the park where we climbed trees and Bud taught me to throw a stick accurately. These are the things that boys need to know.
Supper was different. Jof insisted that we clear the artwork table (aka dining table) and use it to have a family meal. I'm just not used to this treatment but as I polished my plate we may have to do it again.
In other news, the lottery syndicate at Buds' work has decided to blow their entire winnings pot on tonights' £166 Million Euromillions draw: they have bought 222 tickets (£444). Just you wait, I reckon they'll win 12p. Either that, or I'll wake up in Barbados - and I've never even heard of Barbados. Maybe I'll just get a bike with gears and lights. Or maybe they'll just win 12p.

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