Sunday, 3 July 2011

It never stops

homegrown produce: redcurrants, raspberries and 2 kinds of beanArose at 1015, another 12 hour snooze. We accompanied Bud to the supermarket and had breakfast in the canteen while he did the shopping. My fry-up was great and I had most of it plus some black pudding off Jofs' plate but her meal was late and her eggs rubbery. She complained (she's really good at it and practices every day) and got her money back.
Barracks well in Henry Tudors' castleAfter a bit of harvesting I took Jof down to the seafront to meet my friends. We got quite lost, it's difficult to find the bandstand in amongst all the people and tents and things. But then we met Ben and the JoniBobs and did some group trampolining and visited the castle. Then we went to the pirate ship pub AGAIN and played with the kites and the balls and my new baseball bat and ex-puddlers Zak and Zena. Does it ever stop? No.

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