Monday, 25 July 2011

Sumer is icumen in (I hope)

strange warning sign - do not stand on the turtle
Awakened rudely this morning by Jof, far too early and then she expected me to do everything for myself. She's put her back out (probably all that boogie-ing at the BBQ yesterday) so she hobbled me down to school very slowly and then retired to the sofa to watch cricket instead of going to work.
twirling bolas around my head3 schooldays left until the summer hols! I shall have completed my first complete academic year (only 16 left to go), I'm practically an adult.
I have been given a specific task to be completed during the holidays: a diary, in which I must record everything I do in my own handwriting. Fortunately, I have extensive experience at keeping a blog, so I'm bound to win the class prize for best diary.
getting tied up in knotsIt was a warm afternoon so after an ice cream we did a bonus park. It was very busy with plenty of kids from my school but just not my peer group. By the time Zena and Flynn left I didn't really know anyone so we retired to the middle of the park to whirl Boberts' ball-on-a-wire and try to hit each other like horse-riding gauchos with their bolas. I spent quite a lot of time getting tangled. I mostly shot it backwards and my performance improved greatly when I simply turned around when firing. Then it was blackberry picking and seed collecting until hometime.

I had third helpings of shepherds pie.

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