Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The anvil of Crom (theme from Conan the Barbarian)

d'apres Conan the Barbarian
OK so it's an ornamental dagger they bought in Morocco 20 years ago. When I grow up I'll have a bigger chopper.
Went direct to Erins' after school to play with the giant train track I left round there a couple of weeks ago. Took half a fudge cake as a bribe. sitting on a wall, 1 happy, 1 notWe created our mega combo-track that went under the table etc but before we could take a picture, Erinsmum had us clear it away because she can't stand anything on the carpet that isn't furniture, so we have no proof. Still, we played hide-and-seek and as a qualified adept, I won most times. I have had extensive training in the use of invisible space and as I'm so small I can fit in anywhere. Erin locked herself in the under-stairs cupboard for her art and angrily (and unfairly) accused me of giving away her position which is why our going home photo isn't the image of domestic bliss it usually is.

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