Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's wet outside. So let's go swimming

free pass to the leisure centre Jof had abused her position at the bank and obtained a tax-free perk through bribery, phone hacking, extortion or other unsavoury business practices. This benefited us to the tune of 1 free family pass to the Pyramids so we invited Pops along for the ride.
heavy rucksackIn there we met Ruby and her friends but we were too young and uncool to play with them. There was also a Harry from my class and football. Pops has been learning to swim so didn't want her water wings but I did. In fact I jiggled and jerked and shimmied my way around all 3 of the pools independently. I especially liked going in the deep end when the wave alert klaxon sounded, going under the waterfall at the bottom of the dragon waterslide and the water volcanoes in the deep pool which tickle your feet.
romantic meal for twoThen Ben arrived although this was coincidence, not a contrived meeting this time. I swallowed too much water and had to vomit in the changing rooms: later Bud and I did both the green and blue waterslides but Pops didn't want to.
Once we'd got changed Pops used the industrial strength hairdryer which was very loud. There's a new soft play area which looks interesting: the staff said it's £2.90 per child for an hour and a half so half the price of Krazy Kaves: we will be going back there very soon.
At home we got food (Doigts marin avec Pommes de terre Gaufré, legumes de l'Administration) and blue/strawberries with choc ice cream. Pops ate more than I did. Then we collaborated on a large train track until Popsmum came to reclaim her lost daughter at 7pm. Pops kissed me lots on the way out, I tried to resist but she was very determined.

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