Saturday, 16 July 2011

Offence of the Realm

English defence league rally, portsmouthRain! There were brief interludes of drizzle as well. Waited ages for a bus to the gym and got there late.

I was the fastest in the running part. Afterwards we went into town where there was a rally by the English Defence League with members travelling from all over the country to gather in Guildhall square, wave flags and have a good old shout and a singsong about how they want everyone with brown faces to go home.

fascist demonstration and riot policeThat would mean that Amrita and Daycee from my class and Zak and Zena would have to go home, which is Wolverhampton, I think. The people with brown faces and their friends had organised a rally of their own to shout back about how they wanted to stay here, thanks. In the middle were lots and lots of police with horses and cars and vans and cameras and big metal sticks to bang the noisy people on the botties. They got bored in the end and the entire massed ranks of shouties (about 50, distinctly outnumbered by the police) wandered off down the street, and we went with them and had a nice chat with the policemen. Then we went shopping: Bud got elephant-shaped balloons for the next pinata, I got a harmonica (I got dem long car journey blues).
sailing club slipway with sticky mud at low tide
In the afternoon Jof wanted a nap and the rain had stopped so I suggested a bike ride, destination unknown. It turned out to be round the park the wrong way and down to Eastney lock again, pretty well the same as Monday. It was low tide so we strolled out into the sea that wasn't there down a long slipway and threw rocks into the gloopy mud, which is always a laugh. Then we continued on towards Bens' bumpy paths and stopped off at EXACTLY the same rock the Puddlers and I played on a mere 3 days ago. The chalk graffiti was still there (MJB, our initials) as were many rocks which we threw into the gloopy mud, how can you not. We did meet a lot of people and each one of them had a dog.
Yes. Bike rides and rock throwing in the pleasant evening sun makes you clear your plate.


  1. Both. Or just Ben, because the J could be the JoniBobs, a gestalt entity.

  2. Gestalt indeed. Good way to think of those puddleboys!


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