Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Right brain, Left brain. Yes brain, no brain.

sesame street with sexual graphic violence and language
Grüße an mein Deustch Lesern.
Today I'm walking on the sunny side of the street although that'll mean I have to turn left at the traffic lights which could be difficult.
OK, so it's a cloudy day which threatens to douse the laundry at any time, but it's sunny in my heart. I took my toy cannon to school today (souvenir of the cannon museum/Royal Armouries Fort Nelson) and broke it by throwing it around. I am determined to try out all my toys in this way to see if it keeps happening.
marzipan chocolate cupcakes for teacher
After making a quadruple-decker bus out of lego, it was time to join Jof in the kitchen to make chocolate cakes for the end-of-term present for my teacher. Apparently we should have done this at Christmas as well, must be why I got a C-minus average for report. But surely, she's getting married this summer, so she won't thank me if her wedding dress doesn't fit. Just saying. Jof has been stoving over a hot slave all afternoon getting all these clever marzipan-choc shapes into little cupcakecups and the washing up had to be done 4 times. It's my last day at school tomorrow. Lucky Ben has already finished.....

Did you see it? My masterpiece, a marzipan, chocolate and icing hot dog.mini hot dog made out of marzipan, chocolate and icing

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