Thursday, 28 July 2011

It's been a good year for the Rosies

I'm a pasta fan. Does this mean I'm a Pastafarian? No, because Pastafarianism is a splendid religion that reveres the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Like other religions, it was created from myth by one visionary who was joined by a bunch of people that united in a common cause.
pastafarianism image, flying spaghetti monster appendageThe FSM:
  1. Likes Pirates. So do I
  2. Was a little tipsy when it created the world - that's why things go a little wrong sometimes
  3. Created the world so a species clever enough to create tomato sauce would evolve thereupon
  4. Is made of spaghetti meatballs. My favourite dish
  5. Was invoked to take the mick out of American Fundamentalists. Everyone should do this.
When I grow old enough to lead a cult of my own, I shall take a lasagne-style leaf out of the book of Pastafarianism rather than the belladonna-style leaf of the Heaven's Gate UFO cult.
sports hall, mountbatten centre portsmouthArrived at the Mountbatten centre 20 minutes early so investigated the swish new building. They've got an olympic sized pool and secondary splashpool where I may be starting lessons soon, an enormous sports hall with those giant curtains you drag across, spray tan suite, bar with terrace overlooking the running track and the whole upper deck is a fitness centre. We quietly tailgated a man who had the right badge access and saw all the running/rowing/bike machines, I even had a go on the punchbag.athletics, running track with shot putt, long jump

The dropping off point was the bar, but it was closed. Then he was off and the day started for real. We played a game where you kick the ball and have to get it near the wall without bouncing back for miles, I got it to touch twice so won a pen, with which I drew a trophy. There was giant Jenga, giant Connect4 and the reigning champion from Robot Wars in the foyer advertising a televised Wars in October. We played ping-pong, I'm quite bad for one who owns so many balls. Because I can't swim I got to go on the bouncy castle twice. We went down to the park where I went on everything available and met Alanna from my class. When he came to pick me up I hid behind the giant curtain but it doesn't quite reach the floor so he found me.

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