Friday, 1 July 2011

Facism. The ugly face of discrimination

angelic child in shinto garden wimborne infant school portsmouth We are told that parents are sent to mess you up. Bud used to be called Fishface, Bugalugs, and Mugwump and he tries to pass these lifelong psychological scars on to me by calling me freakish deviant, clever as a teabag etc. I can't help my face - facism's unfair. I look forward to having a pet human of my own to subvert and undermine in new and interesting ways.
drumming with Erin and Lewis wimborne infants school fayreAnyway, Bud turned up in my classroom at lunchtime and brought some clothes so I wasn't the only person in the room in school uniform. He read my maths/writing/learning journey books and then the teacher asked him to reconstruct the playfarm but he couldn't with 5 kids climbing on him. Then we all went into the playground and they stole his hat and we all attacked him.
throw the sponge at the teacher wimborne infant school feteThen it was Fayretime which had been magically built while we were in class and I:
Went on the bouncy castle twice
Dug for treasure in the sandpit
Hooked the duck and won sweeties
Threw the sponge at the teacher
Bought a train carriage
Dropped 10p under the floorboards
Scored a goal and won a sticker
Did lots of drumming with Lewis
pirates ahoy at the pub climbing frame for kidsGenerally milled around talking to my friends.
2 Puddlers will be joining us next season: Laughing boy Thomas and Half-chinese Emma.
Then just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, we ran home and had a quick meal, Jof arrived and we walked to the Pirate ship pub. Erin, Ben and the JoniBobs arrived and it was PuddleCentral once more. We climbed and ran around and assaulted each other with the boules balls and found an old sofa with a door leant up against it and failed to take turns on the pink scooter and played football with Lenny and climbed on the shed roof. You can see the Puddler adults on the left of this picture leaving us to it, which is, I suppose, why we ended up on the roof. Then Jof bought fish and chips and sausages (passing it over the wall via the shed roof we were on) and we all made rude remarks about big sausages and the Dr Who sonic screwdriver.

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