Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Psilocybernautica and the end of humanity

keep off the grass, council waste of money
Last day of school, first year completed and the dawn of the massive summer holidays, stretching out in front of me like the Aeon brick road. LittleMax's current favourite word is "Actually" which is a coincidence, as it was also my favourite word on my 5th birthday.
the classroom door opens for the last time. End of termI left 'Moles' class door for the last time at 1520. I carried with me the accumulated junk of a loud, painty and sticky first year: everything from my unfinished artwork to the name tag off my drawer. No doubt I shall be issued a replacement in the colours of my new form next year. They say education kills by degrees but I'm all for academia, as long as I can have a whopping great wodge of holiday in between terms.
unknown buried sewage, water or utility pipeeating an apple on the bouncy seats in the parkOn the way back LittleMax and Erin invited me to the park so we went down (in Mufti) to meet practically the entire school who had all had the same idea. What a happy ice cream van.
masterclass in greetings cards and pre-school artworkWe climbed and swung and stole food out of the bags and generally did all the stuff you do. The JoniBobs arrived after their mass dental visit and we discovered a pipe of unknown origin running under the park. We set about excavating the mysterious tube that ran towards the drain cover.
Eventually we left just before Jof arrived but she found Elizabeth and brought her round to make greetings cards.
I made the first entry in my holiday diary and discovered I like lamb'n'mint kebabs. This is a bit of a turn-around for me (usually I'm a pasta man), maybe I'm a Korma chameleon after all.
Incidentally, I have today declared that (although I enjoyed everything about school) the one favourite event from the last academic year that stands out for me is: the Germinator. Not a glorified plant pot, it was a UV light or similar that when shone on your hands, showed all the germs where you hadn't washed your hands properly.

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