Monday, 4 July 2011

Talking behind my back

Today my teacher and Bud will discuss my academic progress while I play in the quad with Erin. In return, she'll be round our house while her parents are getting the low-down.
raised area milton park recreation ground
Erin arrived as planned and we set about doing different things. She did cut'n'stick while I waved my giant cudgel, then we agreed to disagree about going down the park and I finally put some clothes on. One toilet trip later it was time to go back to school for the parents' evening anyway so off we went, meeting ErinsParents on their way out. We played outside while he went in and found out the following vital bits of info:
1.  Next year I will be in "Otters" class which is the top stream.
2.  My teachers will remain the same because they're having a swap-round as well.
3.  I am officially talented but lazy so the teacher said I have to do extra reading and writing at home.
Straight away Jof set me my first book challenge, which I completed with a huge amount of fidgeting. During supper I pulled the old "my leg hurts" ruse which, instead of the hoped for cuddles'n'chocolate on the sofa with MY programme, earnt me an early shower and bed, a splendid start to the new regime.

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