Saturday, 9 July 2011

An inspiring spire

ice cream triumph for a lucky boyToday we drove to Salisbury to meet Grandma and Grandad. Salisbury is sort of half-way between us and they were going to singing in nearby Wilton (carpet town) anyway. Rather than get rained on we nipped into a splendid pub called the Chough which is apparently a bird. We marvelled at the exposed beams and tables from a thousand antique shops and the local accents which are either Oo-ar or very posh. I finished my whole meal apart from the lettuce and the tub of baked beans: Grandad very deliberately pushed aside his own plate of nachos to finish the beans.
the proud grandfatherThis earnt me a top quality plate of chocolate ice cream, it took me ages to work out that every time Jof "helped" me scrape the choccie sauce from around the bowl she was licking the spoon.
Dinosaurs. Every good boy deserves themThen, having made a posse, we split up and went shopping. Jof went to see the Constable exhibition at the massive cathedral with its spire of inspiration: we went west and bought 73 coins for my collection from the special shop with the buckets of assorted coins at 10p a go. Then we toured charity shops looking for bath fizzers but I guess Salisburyans actually use theirs instead of donating them. Today was also school visit day: it seemed that every Italian or Swedish school had sent a gaggle of girlies to see the cathedral. We didn't know where to look.
Meeting back up, I played with the outstanding dinosaurs that Jof bought me. Then she bought a watermelon from a street vendor, as you do.
Then our time ran out at the car park so we headed off, the grandparents got into their car to have a nap, 10 to 1 says they sleep past the beginning of their singing match.

OMG. Check out my dinosaurs. All my friends will love me.

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