Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Disproved: the Flanagan theory

US army guitarist in messy bedroomreward for lost dogAfter a lovely morning in short sleeves it rained heavily at pickup-time. Luckily he brought an umbrella which I failed to share successfully with LittleMax. But then I went round his house anyway to play for a couple of hours. My sunflowers are still growing - eight foot seven inches and counting. We played nicely - him in his skeleton costume with satanic trident, me in the army helmet with guitar, his kid sister following us from room to room going eep.
Day 2 of the 1-2-1 reading seminar: I did a decent paragraph of the book I'd chosen from the library. I chose it because it had pictures of spacecraft but as soon as you start to actually read it, you discover it's full of words like spacecraft, aeroplane, would, machine and incredibly expensive. It was a battle that I'm beginning to win and with no whinges so maybe I can do it after all.

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