Sunday, 24 July 2011

Maxs' silly day

Leapt out of bed at 1030 and invaded Jofs' bed to describe my dreams at length. Mostly they seem to involve discovering treasure chests down tunnels.barbecue gathering, eat alfresco
on the top deck of the home-made wooden hovercraft
After an extremely lazy day of lounging around and playing with Pops, we took her round to the JoniBobs where there was to be a Puddle BBQ event. Outside we met Elizabeth who has just bought a house in the same road: do you think we should buy a house there too? We got on with it while the parents chatted, the hovercraft was popular although there were a couple of casualties. These were cured with nobbly-bobbly ice creams and high levels of mothering. We tried to fit in the upper storey all at once which is why Pops got a damaged hand and Erin fell down the ladder. Ben and Bobert have started a dangerous fad of leaping directly from the roof onto the gravel path which I suspect will end in tears soon enough. We brandished swords at each other and used the small stools as howitzers and ack-ack coastal defence against the many invading aircraft we imagined. If only we'd used them to shoot down the wasps that plagued the picnic.
feeding pesto fusilli pasta to your friendfuture mass murderer, cold eyed killer
Nobody got naked this time but we all had lots of food and trashed the house. Went to bed far too late and far too tired but there's only 3 days of school left.

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  1. Only 2 left for ben! Lucky him. What a fab afternoon.


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